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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Zonderkidz New Fall Books


by Lynn Cowell, Michelle Nietert

Book Summary

A devotional book for girls ages 8–12 on the topic of God’s love, Loved and Cherished empowers girls to feel treasured in a sometimes-lonely world, giving them the acceptance, worth, and security they need to move forward in the transition from being a girl to a woman.

About the Book

Am I loved? Am I valuable? Am I smart? The questions can go on for as long as a girl’s imagination and self-image allow. A girl needs to know that she is enough because of God’s love.

So often, girls and women give in to the lies that how they look and how popular they are determines their worth. But as children of God, we can have the confidence that we are loved, protected, secure, whole, and valuable because God is our heavenly father.

Loved and Cherished equips girls ages 8–12 to:

Discover perfect, unconditional love in God, and that she doesn’t have to perform or be perfect to receive that love.

Know she has God’s protection, despite living in an often-scary world.

Let go of heartaches, fears, and failures, because she has the love she needs to face it.

Build a strong foundation of faith on the love who will never leave her so she can face the challenges of growing up.

With a beautifully decorated cover, ribbon marker, and lovely page illustrations, this book of devotions will make the perfect gift for any girl in your life who deserves to know she is cherished, treasured, valuable, and worthy.

by Zondervan,

Author Info

Book Summary

The NIV Beautiful Word™ Coloring Bible for Girls contains hundreds of ready-to-color verses, stickers and a set of colored pencils so girls ages 8-12 can express themselves through coloring and journaling.

About the Book

Created especially for girls ages 8 to 12, this beautiful Bible, sticker sheets and coloring pencil set provides the tools for young artists to express themselves.

Girls will get creative through coloring and journaling in the NIV Beautiful Word™ Coloring Bible for Girls. Included are pencils to color, blend and shade the detailed line art surrounding hundreds of inspiring verses. This Bible gift set is perfect for the special young girl in your life and will become a cherished keepsake full of personalized creative expressions of faith.

Features include:

Complete text of the accurate, readable and clear New International Version (NIV)

Over 600 verses illustrated in ready-to-color line art

Four colored pencils

Six sheets of stickers designed for girls

Thick white paper for writing and doodling

Lined, wide margins for notes and reflections

Satin ribbon marker

Beautifully debossed and screen-printed cover

Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface in a readable 8-point print size 

Using the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) text makes the Bible accessible and easy-to-read for kids. The NIV is the result of over 50 years of work by the Committee on Bible Translation, who oversee the efforts of many contributing scholars. Representing the spectrum of evangelicalism, the translators come from a wide range of denominations and various countries and continually review new research to ensure the NIV remains at the forefront of accessibility, relevance, and authority. Every NIV Bible that is purchased helps Biblica translate and give Bibles to people in need around the world.


by Rashad Jennings

Book Summary
The fourth and final book in the Coin Slot Chronicles series, Arcade and the Dazzling Truth Detector by former NFL running back and Dancing with the Stars champion Rashad Jennings is the most important time-travelling, globe-trotting adventure yet … where all questions about the mysterious Triple T Token will finally be answered.

About the Book
What does the last T on the Triple T Token stand for? Where did the token come from? What did Arcade’s mom do with it when she had it? And why does Arcade have it now? All the questions about the mysterious and powerful Triple T Token will finally be answered. Arcade and the Dazzling Truth Detector is the fourth and final book in the humorous and imaginative Coin Slot Chronicles series by New York Times bestselling author, former NFL running back, and Dancing with the Stars champion Rashad Jennings.

Arcade and Zoe Livingston have been on a quest for truth ever since the mysterious lady gave Arcade the token, said, “Happy Travels,” then vanished. Now, Arcade Livingston has just one wish on his twelfth birthday: to experience the ests of life.

From the highest, lowest, deepest, coldest, and hottest places on Earth; to some of the greatest, most influential moments in history—Arcade will get his wish and much more than he could ever dream as the Triple T Token takes him and Zoe back in time and to the top (and bottom!) of the world. It’s a whirlwind journey of self-discovery in some of the most exciting and unusual places on the planet.

So hang on tight, because these final Arcade adventures are filled with magic elevator rides you’ll never, ever forget.

Written and designed for reluctant readers, with shorter chapters and meaningful illustrations throughout the book. Arcade and the Dazzling Truth Detector teaches children ages 8 and up:

How to create goals and the importance of dreaming big
The importance of generosity, compassion, patience, and forgiveness
If you enjoy Arcade and the Dazzling Truth Detector, check out the rest of the series: Arcade and the Triple T Token, Arcade and the Golden Travel Guide, and Arcade and the Fiery Metal Tester.

by Kaitlyn Pitts, Camryn Pitts, Olivia Pitts

Book Summary
From the family that brought you the Lena in the Spotlight series and the popular For Girls Like You magazine, comes Ashton’s Dancing Dreams, book 2 in the Daniels Sisters series, in which 10-year-old Ashton must learn to work as a team to achieve her dance goals.

About the Book
A new city. A new school. New friends. The three Daniels sisters have been slowly rebuilding their lives after their mother’s death.

Ansley’s the baker. Amber’s the volleyball player. Ashton “Cammie” Daniels has fallen in love with dancing. There’s nothing she loves better than attending dance class with her two friends, Rani and June. But that joy is in jeopardy when Rani’s father announces they may be moving to London.

When she finds out about the school’s spring talent show, Ashton thinks if she and her friends enter and dance, Rani’s parents will think twice about taking their daughter away from her home and friends and activities.

But her dreams begin to fall apart when the group can’t agree on music, costumes, or choreography! Cammie has an important decision to make: stick it out for Rani’s sake, go off on her own, or close the curtain for good on her dream to dance.

Written by the daughters of beloved author and speaker Wynter Pitts, Ashton’s Dancing Dreams—the second book in the Daniels Sisters Faithgirlz fiction series:

Features diverse characters any tween girl can relate to
Is an engaging read for girls ages 8-12
Includes illustrations
Is a perfect gift for tween girls, and is great for Spring Break and summer vacation reading

I received complimentary copies. 

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