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Sunday, September 6, 2020

In Life the Journey is Everything by Tim and Pat Von Dohlen

In Life the Journey is Everything: From the Dump to the Gym and Beyond

by Tim Von Dohlen, Pat Von Dohlen

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Pat and Tim met in 2005 after each had lost their spouse. Their wonderful marriage was the result of God’s blessings coming to them through faith and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They believe that In Life the Journey Is Everything, their book about their love story and life together, can bring hope to people who experience tragedy in their life. Individual tragedies cause one to see how precious life is, and they realized the importance of spending time together and with family. 

They share in their book what they have learned together—what makes a good husband, a good wife, a good marriage, great books, great sayings and songs, and great Bible verses. Their devotion to elevating recognition of the dignity of human life brings them joy in sharing the beauty of life with mother and child and remarkable stories of great courage on the part of the women who chose life. They share amazing friendships, while living their faith as they travel to many magnificent places around the world.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- You get an adventure of faith mixed with the wholeness of what marriage could be like for some people.  While everyone is unique it was written with heart and spirit.  A spiritual read for open minds or perhaps couples who may be traveling a similar journey. 

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