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Thursday, August 13, 2020

When You Can't Go Home by Karisa Keasey

 When You Can't Go Home: Portraits of Refugees in the Pacific Northwest

by Karisa Keasey

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“GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!” a man yells from the window of his truck as he drives by a young Eritrean woman walking on the sidewalk. The truth is, she would love to go back to her home country. She misses her family, the smell of her favorite foods and all of the belongings she left behind. The problem is that she would be persecuted and even killed if she ever returned. She is here because she can’t go home.

Tens of thousands of refugees like her come to the United States each year from all over the world. Threatened by persecution and war, these brave people leave behind everything familiar to seek safety and the chance for a new start.

When You Can’t Go Home tells the story of 10 refugees and their families alongside 30 breath-taking portraits by artist, Karisa Keasey. For every book sold, Karisa will donate 50% of the profits to World Relief to help in their efforts with refugees. In addition to raising funds, awareness and compassion for refugees, Karisa hopes that this book will inspire readers to use their own unique gifts to make a positive impact for others in their own communities. 

I received a complimentary copy.

You can pick up a copy Amazon 

Cassandra's Review- A beautiful look at amazing humans.  Compassion in the really sweet quotes and stories.  A truly inspirational feeling to behold. 

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