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Monday, August 10, 2020

MI Reusable Face Shields

Michigan Company Donates to COVID Relief Efforts, Now Focusing on Supplying Schools with PPEMI Face Shields produces reusable face shields in partnership with local manufacturer, PolyFlex.

MI Face Shields is a Michigan-based company that produces reusable face shields. The company originally formed to meet the local demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). One of the co-owner’s family members was working with little to no PPE in the intensive care unit of a major hospital. He felt obligated to help her and others who are in similar situations with limited resources during COVID-19.

The company partnered with PolyFlex, a local plastics manufacturer in Farmington Hills, Michigan, to design and manufacture face shields in mass quantities. PolyFlex graciously worked with MI Face Shields, donating time and materials to machine the tool and die necessary for production. Fortunately, this helped PolyFlex to receive a $100,000 grant from the county to retool its business for PPE manufacturing. The manufacturer also received FDA Registration for the facility and face shield product.

Ken Bylo, Executive Vice President and Partner at PolyFlex Products says, “We’re very proud of the collaboration between the PolyFlex and MI Face Shields team.” He adds, “We felt we had a moral obligation to help the first responders in the community and together with our engineer team, we were able to go from idea to production in one week’s time. We are currently producing 30,000 to 40,000 shields per week with the ability to triple that, if the need arises.”

These reusable face shields are unique because they come apart easily for proper cleaning; plus the shields do not have foam or elastic, which can be challenging to disinfect. The shields also have integrated “Ear Savers,” mounting points for mask loops that help to prevent soreness around the ears.

In addition to responding to high demands for PPE, MI Face Shields donated a portion of all sales to COVID-relief efforts, and they continue to do so today.

Now, MI Face Shields’ focus is supplying schools with the protective equipment that is needed in order for kids to return for the 2021 school year. To achieve this, MI Face Shields is providing schools with discounted rates. The company has already rolled out to many schools and school districts across the country. They are even working with the manufacturer to expand offerings for kids, including different colors, shields sizes, and shield thicknesses. 

Cathaleen Dennis, Partner at MI Face Shields and Registered Nurse says, “After helping the large hospitals and first responders meet their needs, we turned our efforts to the next largest groups in need, one of which is public and private schools.” She adds, “We wanted to extend discounts to these schools to make sure they got what they needed. We’re grateful that many of the schools have contacted us to discuss specific needs and how we can work to meet them.”

Monica Hawes, an early childhood teacher in Birmingham, Michigan says, “Any extra protection is 100 percent vital and necessary for the kids. The beauty of the shield is the added layer of protection they offer. They really help make the classroom a safer place as we ease back into the school year."

For more information about MI Face Shields and the company’s initiatives, please visit www.MIFaceShields.com.

 MI Face Shields is a Michigan-based company with a mission to provide high-quality PPE to healthcare and manufacturing personnel. In the months of March and April 2020, the company successfully donated 30,000 face shields to front-line workers throughout SE Michigan.

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