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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Speak in a Positive Way

We all know words have power and we all know in the blink of an eye when the wrong ones are spoken it could change a life.  For those people that do not realize just how much influence words have it can be a challenge and for others that abuse the right to free speech it can be a great downfall.

Knowing when to speak up and when to listen is a great superpower that can help prevent so much negativity or drama. Remember that no one human will understand the point of view made and everyone can take something out of context if it bends with their emotional mindset. Let’s think of ways to make a positive impact when speaking.

1. Give a good amount of thought to the word choices you select.

2. Talk truths that are special and important to you but be willing to listen, grow and learn from the others in a conversation.
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3. Speak for yourself knowing that what you say can and will be taken in a positive manner to those who want to support and not start a conflict.

4. I speak from my heart and will often not even bother to communicate if my kindness is not centered in way that benefits others, but that doesn’t mean I’m not always thinking. Which brings another point about overthinking. You have to be careful when you go deep into certain thoughts and allow a safe amount of time to feel negatively about a situation without outwardly projecting it. 

5. There are so many words and so many emoji that can express with a varied amount of emotional moments so if you want to be happy and avoid negativity perhaps journal or find other ways to express yourself until you can re balance and make an uplifting positive energy.

Hopefully I was able to give you my thoughts today in a way that was helpful. I no longer speak as much and offline I don’t communicate with a lot of people, this is mainly because of how I was treated and the ability I have to see a human so deep that I know to avoid them for my own self awareness.
 We know not all of humanity is good and everyday is a battle just to open an app or choose to deal with anyone, but if you keep on open heart and mind, do not judge until we personally have the right to by spending time or really getting to the source of someone’s heart it will be a better world. Try to stay positive even when people use words to vilify or gain fame. Try to be a force for good and let Karma speak for you especially in a situation that has no light at the end or in a place where you feel it would not benefit yourself to take in the energy others are putting out. Thanks for spending this time with me and as always leave a comment if you want to talk.

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