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Friday, May 8, 2020

Hunting of Men by Lance J. LoRusso

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Hunting of Men: A Johnny Till Detective Novel (Blue Mysteries Book 1)

“For the courts, there is a resolution to every murder case brought before them. Cold cases are different. The crimes remain unsolved. For the detectives assigned to Homicide, every victim deserves justice. After significant time has passed, only the victim’s loved ones and the homicide detectives keep lit the hope of justice. Those who hunt killers know a thrill, fear, and frustration unique to their profession.”

Young, ambitious, and clever, Johnny Till is a force to be reckoned with as a new homicide detective for the Lawler County Police Department. As tradition demands, on his first day on the job, Till pulls a cold case file to investigate. The file in question is one that has haunted the department and community for years: the cold-blooded murder of Officer Michael Dunlap, gunned down in the black of night some twenty years earlier.

Now, in order to solve the murder and heal the victims left behind, Till must reopen old wounds and retrace the final days of Dunlap’s life. The journey will lead him down a rabbit hole to a darker, more sinister conspiracy, one that threatens to steal the lives of children around the world. In order to close this cold case, Till must not only come into his new role as a homicide detective, but face his own fears to truly become a hunter of men.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandras' Review- Wow this author brought out all of the stops in this really cool read. You get the mystery and so much more while not wanting to put it down. The character build up and story line is on point and it is perfect for a cozy day read.

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