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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Denise Richard’s New CB Me Beauty Skincare Line

Actress, Entrepreneur and mom, Denise Richards, launched her CB Me Beauty skincare line on May 1, 2020. Denise is partnering with the Canavation Product Group, Inc.  for this new skincare line and played an active role in the development of the line, participating by defining its key elements and then personally testing the formulations until she was satisfied. CB Me Beauty is sophisticated, cool and self-indulgent, all the qualities that Denise is defined by!

CB Me Beauty daily regimen contains superior formulations that include patented peptides to enhance performance. The line includes a daily use pH neutral probiotic cleanser, a light weight, hydrating cream oil moisturizer with an optional SPF 25, a retinol based nightly renewal serum, an advanced eye therapy treatment, a neck & décolleté treatment and a hemp seed oil that it contains vitamins, omega 6 & 3 and fatty acids.  In fact, CB ME Beauty will soon feature CBD and other rare cannabinoids that Canavation produces or has available under an exclusive license agreement with Teewinot Life Sciences (Teewinot).

“I am delighted by the CB Me Line that we have created. These are wonderful products and what I find most exciting is that there is a long-range plan to introduce new products that will constantly improve,” stated Denise

“Denise has been a pleasure to work with” says Bill Barlow, CEO of Canavation, “She knows exactly what she wants each product to do and our team has been able to give that to her, all while making them unique products in the marketplace.”

About Denise Richards:

Denise Richards is an accomplished actress, business woman, philanthropist and New York Times Best-Selling author of memoir The Real Girl Next Door. Richards currently stars as a cast member in the hit Bravo series "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” which returned in April 2020 for its tenth season. In April 2019, she joined the cast of the acclaimed CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful as character Shauna Fulton. Richards made her big screen debut in the cult classic hit Starship Troopers. She garnered international recognition for her leading Bond Girl role as Dr. Christmas Jones opposite Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough. Previous film credits include Wild Things, Drop Dead Gorgeous and a cameo in the hit romantic comedy Love Actually. Richards currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and three daughters.

About Canavation Product Group:

Canavation Product Group (www.Canavation.com) is an international product development and marketing company. Canavation develops highly differentiated consumer products as well as product line extensions for new and established brands. The company leverages its exclusive pharmaceutical quality CBD and other rare cannabinoids sourced from hemp grown in organic conditions or generated through our patent-protected conversion and biocatalytic technologies. We demonstrate quality leadership in the consumer cannabinoid product space and that is backed by third party organizations and research facilities.

Q&A Thanks Denise

How did you come to be involved with this skin-care company CB Me?

I was approached by Kevin Harrington, former shark on “Shark Tank,” through a mutual friend. Skincare has been something I’ve always been passionate about. Over the years, I’ve tried so many different products and mixed different things, so I was very excited to get involved and be able to do my own line.

What does your current skin-care routine look like?

It’s very minimal right now, especially during the quarantine because I’m not wearing a lot of makeup. A lot of times in the morning, I don’t even wash my face, I just rinse it with water and then I put the cream oil moisturizer on and if I’m outside I’ll put a sunscreen on top.  It’s been a great break for my face not having to wear heavy makeup on set all day. At night, I’ll wash my face with my cleanser and I use the nighttime serum and a little bit of the eye cream.

What is your favorite product from the line?

I love the Cream Oil, because prior to this line, I always would mix my moisturizer with real oil and make my own concoctions. What I love about it, that it doesn’t leave your skin greasy at all and it is very moisturizing. I love that we were able to use hemp oil, which has a lot of amazing benefits and it helps you produce your own collagen. I have found that even people with oily skin have been able to use the hemp oil as well. 

Other than skincare products, what do you do to stay camera-ready?

I drink a lot of water; I try to take good care of my skin and lead a healthy life-style. I stay out of the sun when I can and use sunscreen! I also have a great glam-team when necessary! LOL

You have an amazing body. What is your secret to staying in shape?

Pilates has been the main go-to for years. It’s the exercise my body responds to best. During the recent pandemic, I have had to improvise a bit as I am not able to go to the gym, but I love jumping rope. I have also been using weights and doing lunges.

What is exciting about making the products?

We use a patented peptide that is used only in our product – that combined with hemp creates amazing results.

What is the team's long-range plan or CB Me? How do you see the brand existing in the market?

This is my first time doing a skincare line and I am excited to introduce new technology as it is developed and extend the brand by using unique cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, etc. when legal regulations permit. We see it being sold as an affordable extremely high-quality brand used by 25-70-year-old plus – we see this as internet, tv shopping and mass retail product worldwide. Eventually, I would love to add an exfoliant and a mask to the line as well.

Why do you think consumers will be drawn to the line?

Because simply…it’s user-friendly and not overwhelming. Sometimes when you get a line, there’s so many different products, it could take you a half hour just to wash your face at night. CB Me is quick and effective!

What specifically sparked your interest in skincare? Did you go through your own personal skin issues in the past?

I don’t do injections. I’ve tried Botox and I don’t like it, it made me feel like somebody was pushing my forehead down. I’ve always been one to take care of my skin. Even at a young age, when I was a teenager, I was always keeping my face out of the sun, I would put sunscreen on. As I’m getting older, it’s something I want to continue to do so. I want to hopefully continue on a great skincare regime and not go towards the injections of different things. I hope I stay that way because I think there are a lot of toxins in those. Skin has always been something I’ve always been passionate about and to be able to have the opportunity to do my own line was very exciting. I did get acne when I was very little. I was actually very lucky because my sister had the opposite skin. She got a lot of acne and she still has oily skin, so we were opposite that way. Of course, I always get that pimple occasionally, even as an adult.

You also have young daughters at home, what do you hope to teach them about skincare?

I want my daughters to learn to take care of their skin. Since they are so young, it’s important for them to use gentle moisturizers and use gentle soap. Since we live in California, I do think vitamin D is good for us, along with drinking lots of water and keeping your face out of the sun. I think keeping the face covered is important as far as maintaining your skin as you get older. Also, just living a clean lifestyle. That’s what has helped me maintain good skin over the years.

Probiotic Cleanser PB3 is a gentle pH neutral cleanser featuring 3 patented lipo peptides formulated to remove makeup and impurities without stripping away your natural oils. The vitamin enriched treatment also feeds and protects the skin. It cleans, treats and protects in a single wash. PB3 is pH neutral and ideal for all skin types.

Cream Oil Moisturizer C0M is a light weight, hydrating day cream formulated to repair, replenish, and provide the perfect balance of moisture for healthy, glowing skin. C0M is a 2 in 1 product because it hydrates and treats in a single step providing a controlled release of moisturizer throughout the day. This helps hold the moisture in the skin longer without feeling greasy.

Nightly Tri-Retinol Renewal Serum N3R is a true age reversal serum that allows the proper dose of actives to be delivered so that the skin can adjust to the activity, resulting in a thicker stratum corneum which minimizes irritation potential. Hemp Seed Oil helps boost activity because it is a small molecule that can penetrate deeper into the skin. N3R is enriched with vitamins; A, B, C, D

& E. The lipidated Vitamin C - Promotes collagen production while our patented peptides are designed to target single repair functions.

Advanced Eye Therapy AET is an age reversal regimen that firms and tightens delicate skin surrounding the eye. The formula targets these areas with retinol with 6 bio actives including vitamin K. It helps dark circles, it lightens the skin, and helps reduce “crow's feet.” Continued use lightens the appearance of dark circles under the eye and lessens fine lines and wrinkles.

Hemp Seed Oil is a long-accepted ingredient in topical skincare because it contains vitamins, omega-6 & 3 and fatty acids. CB ME Beauty will soon feature CBD and other rare cannabinoids that Canavation produces or has available under an exclusive license agreement with Teewinot Life Sciences (Teewinot). Due to patented technology and its exclusive license involving premium quality, rare cannabinoids, Canavation is poised to be the first consumer product company to introduce rare cannabinoids, well beyond CBD, that is starting to flood the marketplace. The next generation of cannabinoids are Non-GMO, consistent high-quality and will outperform the functions that CBD is known to achieve.

I received complimentary product. 

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