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Friday, May 1, 2020

CHENDELL: A Natural Warrior by Leslie Landis #CHENDELL #naturalhero #naturessuperhero

CHENDELL: A Natural Warrior (A CHENDELL Adventure Book 1)
by Leslie Landis

Leslie Landis' CHENDELL: A Natural Warrior, is a realistic fantasy adventure story told in an unusual and captivating style with wit and humor. Take a fun and exciting trip with Jamie Chen and Robin Dell as they search for love and purpose. They are two normal young people—except that he can talk to plants and she can communicate with insects! Their powers are a game to them until they go on a research trip to the Peruvian rainforest. Then everything changes and CHENDELL—a unique superhero with the mission of saving the Earth from its enemies—takes over.

Kirkus Reviews said, "A lively nature-oriented superhero adventure…the heart of the tale comes together in the final pages."

"CHENDELL starts as a boy-meets-girl story, connecting a girl from the U.S., to a boy in China, told in an unusual compelling format. It is about love and family, but also about insects and trees. When boy and girl become a super couple, the reader accompanies them on a wild, dangerous journey, and then, when your heart is in your throat, something happens that is shocking, unique and utterly heartwarming. Leslie Landis has written a tale I'll never forget. Bravo!"
—Best selling author Thom Racina

"Everything you ever wanted in a fantastical story but were afraid to ask! A superhero story packed with a delightful page turning packet of ingredients—adventure, love plus humor and wit. Be prepared to be invested in the Landis characters and swept up into their world and their dreams. CHENDELL and its heroes Jamie Chen and Robin Dell are just begging to be given the big screen treatment."
—Ivor Davis, Author of "Ladies and Gentlemen… The Penguins!" and "The Beatles and Me on Tour."

I received a complimentary copy.

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