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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The EQ Intervention By Adam Sáenz

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Emotional intelligence in the classroom matters more now than ever.

Raising the bar for EQ in education. Written by Dr. Adam Saenz, a licensed psychologist with years of experience working within school districts, The EQ Intervention is an accessible, deep-dive exploration into the critical value of practicing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills in your role as an educator, including stopping violence in schools before it ever starts.

Better mental health on campus. Designed as a practical guide for educators and administrators, The EQ Intervention includes a research-backed tool called the Educator Assessment of Social and Emotional Learning (EASEL). Using this assessment, measure your own SEL skills or those of your faculty to identify where you can adjust conflict resolution practices in the classroom for a healthier, safer, more self-aware campus.

The lessons and tools in this book can help educators to thoughtfully address points of conflict among students, between students and teachers, and between teachers and school administration. The EQ Intervention includes careful analysis of common issues facing educators in the classroom, such as:

* Students disrupting class

* Students facing turbulence or instability at home

* Intervening in personal conflicts between students

* Discussing potential learning disabilities or behavioral issues with parents

* Faculty and administrators with difficult or uncooperative working styles

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  You can tell this book was planned with extreme thought and in a way that connects to teachers. I feel like picking up these skills would make anyone have a better understanding of some thought process. I love that the author is giving such valuable resources to teachers and really anyone who works with kids or adults. A lot of what is being written applies to most humans and will easily be useful. Be ready to learn and test yourself with this awesome book.

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