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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I Am Awesome! by Ryan Maule & Illustrated by L.M. Phang

I Am Awesome!
by Ryan Maule & Illustrated by L.M. Phang

Do your children know how awesome they are? Follow along as two robots named Grace and Zeal learn that self-confidence is not only a good thing, it's what God intended! God made you awesome because he loves you! So, no matter how old you are, you have everything you need to believe in yourself and live with a God powered confidence! At the end of this incredible story, you will be shouting - I am awesome!


RYAN MAULE is a nationally recognized and highly sought-after motivational speaker, host of the popular Expect Awesome Podcast, and the president of Integrity Doctors, the world’s largest chiropractic business organization. Over the last 15 years Ryan has traveled the world spreading the message of expecting awesome and building a stronger self-image in order to gain a God-powered confidence. Ryan is happily married to his awesome wife Amber and they live in Florida with their two awesome kids, Summer Grace and Nolan Zeal.

Learn more about Ryan and I Am Awesome! at on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I Am Awesome! is available on Amazon.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- A cute, quick and simple read, that inspires you to think and feel a little more uplifted.  The author wrote in a beautiful message. 

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