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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Healthy Minds Life-Changing Book Series

Healthy Minds: Leading UK Children’s Mental Health Charity, Place 2 Be, Endorses Life-Changing Book Series

After years of campaigning, it’s now required that all schools teach children about their mental health; an issue so important that Ofsted have made it a regular part of their inspections. But there’s a severe lack of resources that not only relate to children, but allow educators and parents to open a friendly dialogue, without stigma.

But there is one book series on the market that’s a true game-changer, ‘Healthy Minds’, written by John Wood and Holly Duhig in a unique collaboration with clinical psychologists at the charity Place 2 Be.

It’s the first of its kind on the market. With over a dozen titles currently published, there’s no better resources for inquiring young minds who deserve to understand and feel comfortable addressing their mental health.

Synopsis of series:

This informative and supportive series explores in detail some common mental health issues affecting the lives of children today. Working to tackle and destigmatize mental health issues, these creative and factual titles explore conditions such as ADHD, OCD, anxiety and depression.

Readers can learn about causes, symptoms and practical coping strategies including mindfulness, talking therapies and when to seek professional help. We look at how to look after your own mental health and support others around you. These titles have been developed to support teachers and mental health professionals working with pupils, and have been reviewed and approved by the clinical team at Place2Be, the leading national children’s mental health charity.

“The books are designed to be used in discussion with teachers and school counselors as well as a teaching tool for some areas of the PHSE curriculum. But mostly, we hope that any child suffering from mental health problems will have access to accurate, stigma-free and up-to-date information on the things they are going through,” explains Duhig, who is publishing through BookLife, one of Europe’s fastest-growing independent children’s book publishers. “We worked diligently to wrap the information up in fun, bold and colorful stories. It’s really going to make a huge difference.”

Continuing, “We also wanted to create something adults can use to have meaningful, dignified conversations about topics that might appear uncomfortable or embarrassing. No child deserves to suffer and no child’s mental health is their fault. This book series will hopefully change lives around the world.”

The entire ‘Healthy Minds’ series is available now:

‘Freddie the Fox’ - https://bit.ly/2GDUbUP

‘Anita the Alligator’ - https://bit.ly/2ubEscX

‘Harry the Hamster’ - https://bit.ly/3aZmSJM

‘Sam the Sloth’ - https://bit.ly/3b2MCVo

‘Bailey and the Bair’ - https://bit.ly/2RNdsJL

‘Marley and the Monkey’ - https://bit.ly/2OfH7Ju

‘Robin and the Rabbit’ - https://bit.ly/2OfH8gw

‘Sydney and the Sloth’ - https://bit.ly/2UdZClm

‘A Book About ADHD’ - https://bit.ly/2OfgJPZ

‘A Book About Anxiety’ - https://bit.ly/38TXS4L

‘A Book About Depression’ - https://bit.ly/397Pjnd

‘A Book About OCD’ - https://bit.ly/2Udm9i1.

Publisher’s official website: https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/.

About the Authors:

John Wood is a Coventry-born author and editor. He studied English Literature and Language at De Montfort University and since then has become a prolific children’s author, specializing in fiction-meets-fact series such as STEM in Our World and Tiny Things, Big Impacts demonstrating his skill at creating characters children will love, while also embedding factual information in the fun. John enjoys music and travel, most recently visiting Budapest, and is looking forward to bringing his experiences into his writing.

Holly Duhig graduated from Cardiff University, part of the Russel Group, with a degree in English Literature, and worked in book selling before moving into writing. Holly specializes in PSHE and mental health for children, having written extensively in these subjects, most notably in partnership with children’s charity Place2Be. Holly’s matter-of-fact and empathetic approach means her books speak to children on sensitive subjects with a warmth and practicality perfect for these topics. Most recently she has been working on fiction projects and looks forward to working more in this area.

I received complimentary copies.

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