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Sunday, February 23, 2020

What is Being A Good Mom

What is being a good mom mean to you?  For me I think that no matter what type of human you are you can be a great mom if you give everything you have to raising the human you have.  You don't have to have given birth or even adopted to be a good mother and I know some single dads do the job as well.  Moms give without holding back and love the little ones unconditionally they hold strong values and put others first.

Always coming in last place but feeling like its first.  You can always spot a good mom.  Unfortunately some are not wonderful I had a mom that I could have lived a lifetime without and even though she could have chose to give me a better life and let me be loved, she insisted on ruining me with constant toxic things places and people.  I don't hate her per say but the things she still does in life make me very conscience that here are humans out there that should never have had the opportunity to become a mother.  When you grow up in certain situations depending on people may not always be an option but for some of us street family is real family and they are always around when you need them.
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 I noticed this book by Sam Haskell Called Promises I Made My Mother here is a Book Description Publication Date: April 28, 2009 What would my mother say? How would she want me to handle this situation? How can I make this tough decision and stay true to myself? What would my mother say? Sam Haskell still asks himself these questions every day. When Haskell was young, his devoted mother, Mary, instilled in her son the values of character, faith, and honor by setting an example and asking him to promise to live his life according to her lessons. He did, and those promises have served Haskell consistently from his Mississippi boyhood to his long career at the venerable William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills.

I have not picked up a copy of it but it brings up a good point about making promises in general and how it can impact another life so easily. You know so many people take words at face value when they mean so much more and can even be used as weapons. Whether you had a good mom or a bad mom we are always thankful for the moms out there that give life. It is no easy thing I am sure and to be able to break a cycle or pattern is so hard but very well worth the reward of having children that are loved and acknowledged as decent human in a world that goes to negativity first.

If you want to add or share a good mom story in the comments below please feel free and if you ever read this particular book let me know how you felt about it.  Being able to be open and learn from each other is a beautiful and fun thing, thanks for always spending time with my blog.


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