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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Parable of the Brown Girl by Khristi Lauren Adams

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Parable of the Brown Girl: The Sacred Lives of Girls of Color
by Khristi Lauren Adams

The stories of girls of color are often overlooked, unseen, and ignored rather than valued and heard. In Parable of the Brown Girl, minister and youth advocate Khristi Lauren Adams introduces readers to the resilience, struggle, and hope held within these stories. Instead of relegating these young women of color to the margins, Adams bring their stories front and center where they belong. By sharing encounters she's had with girls of color that revealed profound cultural and theological truths, Adams magnifies the struggles, dreams, wisdom, and dignity of these voices.

 Thought-provoking and inspirational, Parable of the Brown Girl is a powerful example of how God uses the narratives we most often ignore to teach us the most important lessons in life. It's time to pay attention.

I received a complimentary copy.

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Cassandra's Review- Empowering females of color to stand strong and giving a great look into how hard it can be for some humans to make it in the world. 

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