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Monday, February 3, 2020

Deep Flavors By Kenneth M. Horwitz

Deep Flavors

Publisher: Inspire on Purpose

Released: October 2019
Author Kenneth M. Horwitz
ISBN-13 978-1-941782-51-4
ISBN-10: 1-941782-51-5
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Deep Flavors is an eclectic anthology of family recipes as well as original Jewish, regional American, and international recipes, including reminiscences and insights about food and its preparation in a Kosher style from the perspective of a southern Jew.

From the Author:
Deep Flavors: A Celebration of Recipes for Foodies in a Kosher Style

This book was written for my son, Seth, and my daughter, Lisa, both of whom inherited my love of good food and cooking. It is intended to communicate some of what I have learned over many years of study (and practice) and to share my original recipes, family recipes, and thoughts about food in an organized fashion—from generation to generation. It gives me great pleasure that Lisa has collaborated on significant parts, both by drafting recipes and by adding editorial assistance. Also, a number of recipes are those of my wife, Bobbie—including, for example, Bobbie’s Pie Crust, Chopped Chicken Liver, and Apple Cake. This book is more than just a recipe compendium; it is meant to be read. I hope you read and learn from it with pleasure and use it as a resource for recipes, techniques, ideas, and other information.

I cannot count the times I have given a recipe to somebody who said, “This is too complicated” or “This has too many ingredients.” Most cooking is simply not that complicated, but there are correct (read: effective to produce a delicious result) techniques, steps, and ingredients that are necessary to improve the complexity and taste of the food on the table. One of our dear friends—Ann Cole, who has tested some of the recipes—commented that she found it very useful to read the recipe through before starting the preparation process and suggested that I share that perspective with my readers.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I love the stories blended in with the awesome recipes.  There are so many wonderful options for people that do not have strict diets.  The author did an excellent job of making things simple and to the point so that you get great food and no weird extra steps. 

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