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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Get Crafty and stay Cozy this Winter @penguinrandom Books to Pass the Time

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How to Draw Without Talent
by Danny Gregory

Want to draw but don't think you have the talent? This book is for you--no experience or formal training required! Danny Gregory, co-founder of the popular online Sketchbook Skool, shows you how to get started making art for pleasure with fun, easy lessons. Get started fast with just a pen and paper, learn to see your subject with new eyes, and enjoy the creative process.

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New Wire Crochet Jewelry: 17 Elegant Invisible Spool Knitting Designs
by Yael Falk

Jewelry makers and wirework artists! We know how much you love exploring fresh and innovative techniques. Wire Crochet Jewelry is your new, must-have guide to creating smart, sophisticated jewelry designs with hook and wire. Beautiful crochet jewelry can be made of thread or yarn, of course, but you really expand your options when you learn to crochet with wire and beads. Popular designer Yael Falk's step-by-step tutorials make it easy to create a variety of projects. Open this book and discover:

   • Materials information on choosing the right wires, crochet hooks, jewelry tools, and beads.
   • Detailed how-to information on crocheting contemporary wire jewelry, stitch-by-stitch.
   • Plus 17 projects shown step-by-step that make wire crochet designs achievable for a variety of skill levels.
Look at your wire in a whole new way when you learn to crochet jewelry. Wire Crochet Jewelry will show you how!
Draw Great Characters and Creatures: 75 Art Exercises for Comics and Animation 
by Beverly Johnson

Learn to make your characters unique, compelling and lifelike with these 75 exercises for all skill levels, including beginners. Topics include tools and materials; shapes; personalities; facial expressions; body language; character interaction; and costuming. Character types featured include more than just humans; learn how to draw animals, plants, creatures and more.

Author Bev Johnson guides you through a variety of questions to explore not only the kinds of characters you want to create, but also the relationships between them, such as who their friends and enemies are, what their personality distinctions are, etc. so you can you can create truly interesting characters.

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50 Beaded Earrings: Step-by-Step Techniques for Beautiful Beadwork Designs

The best of Beadwork magazine, EARRINGS!

For more than 20 years, Beadwork magazine has been the go-to publication for the best projects in the beading community. In this ultimate collection, the team at Interweave has pulled together your favorite must-stitch earring designs into one essential resource--50 Beaded Earrings. This assortment features:

   • Your favorite techniques and styles for beautiful beaded earrings.
   • Bite-sized projects that allow you to learn new bead weaving techniques without a huge time commitment.
   • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for projects that range from beginner-friendly to expertly designed.
Beaded earrings have timeless style! Stitch yourself a jewelry box full of stunning designs with 50 Beaded Earrings.

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Playing with Paints - Watercolor: 100 Prompts, Projects and Playful Activities
by Sara Funduk

Get creative expressing yourself with watercolor paint by focusing on having fun and getting to know this versatile medium. More than 100 lessons help those who have never picked up a paintbrush before enjoy the pleasure of watercolor. In each chapter, you will progress through quick, simple exercises designed to get you started, then practice pages build on techniques.

This book also shows those with more experience how to be inspired in new ways. Includes information on choosing supplies, mixing colors, making those first few brushstrokes, and quick, simple projects that range from making a joyful mess to beautiful pieces you can be proud of.
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Playing with Paints - Acrylics: 100 Prompts, Projects and Playful Activities
by Courtney Burden

Break the rules and explore acrylic paint in a free and fun way. This book encourages you to get over the fear of the blank canvas and the anxiety over the outcome so you can focus on the process of painting and the pure joy of creating. Whether you're a novice who doesn't know how to get started or a classical painter looking to try something new, you will benefit from the activities in this book, which range from quick, messy and expressive exercises to relaxing and meditative paintings.

Courtney Pilgrim shares 100 prompts, projects and playful activities that will build your confidence, inspiring you to roll up your sleeves and play with acrylic paint in a pressure-free way. There is no right or wrong way to create a painting, so enjoy the journey, relax, unwind and have fun!

I received complimentary copies.

Cassandra's' Review- Get ready to take some time and relax with this collection of amazing books.  Each one has something different to offer and can make a great gift for anyone that wants to learn.  You can do so much and not need any skill just willingness to learn and a lot of time to try. 

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