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Friday, December 20, 2019

The Bow Tie Brothers By Christopher and Jabez Jenkins @VoxPopKids

Vox Pop Kids’ newest novel is The Bow Tie Brothers, written by “kidpreneurs” Christopher and Jabez Jenkins. The story is an illustrated autobiography of how the two young entrepreneurs took a fun hobby with their mom and turned it into a business called Kings and Gents Accessories. The Bow Tie Brothers is an inspiring true story, integrated with definitions and math problems.
Bow Tie Brothers - The Story of Christopher & Jabez Jenkins - Ebook

Harrell says, “No matter what career a child decides to have, a solid knowledge of business is important, since business is integrated into every aspect of our personal and professional lives.” She adds, “Concepts like financial literacy and marketing shouldn’t be reserved for business majors and MBAs; you market yourself when you go on a job interview and you need knowledge of financial management to pay your bills on time and manage your money. Honestly, I’d rather see a doctor with a knowledge of business run a hospital rather than a businessman with zero knowledge of medicine.”

Harrell believes that kids are capable of learning about business in their early years of education. It is an essential subject, and Vox Pop Kids creates an attempt to bridge the gap between what is learned in school and what is practiced in life.

Vox Pop Kids LLC

Vox Pop Kids LLC strives to teach kids the skills they need to be successful by providing children with educational materials like books and online courses that cultivate business acumen. The company believes it is never too early to learn financial literacy and business skills. Vox Pop Kids means business, for kids!

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I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's' Review-  A great way for spending time and learning with children.  To be able to teach is a great thing and to be able to make a book that is very easy to understand but also written by kids is excellent. 

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