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Friday, December 20, 2019

The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car Through Turkey By Arden Pala

10 year old author Arden Pala returns with another exciting chapter to capture the imagination of young readers. “The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car Through Turkey” - is the second in the series - “The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car".  Arden continues to whimsically embrace the unique and beautiful aspects of culture and togetherness.

it is important for Arden to communicate to young readers the goodwill gestures and golden rules of being inclusive and welcoming, despite our differences.
Saving the World One Children’s Book at a Time
No matter where we come from, we are all human and our cultural differences give us unique lenses and perspectives of the world. Sharing and acceptance are qualities that are at the heart of Arden’s adventurous tales.

A creative and dedicated 5th Grade, Arden attends Francis Parker School in San Diego. In addition to writing, he loves professional theater and will be acting with the Old Globe in Balboa Park this upcoming holiday season.

Arden’s first book sold over 5000 copies with all proceeds donated to low income youth. Partial proceeds of this book will be donated to homeless pets.

Just like the characters in his books - Arden and his family choose to implement the dynamics of paying it forward and assisting our communities with genuine assistance and care.

“The Adventures of Noah's Flying Car Through Turkey" and “The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car” are available at

For more information please visit Arden’s website at www.ardenpala.com

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review -  Arden is amazing and a true blessing in this world.  The book is fun and simple to read out loud or share for a group.  With so much negativity today having a 10 yr old keep people humble and teach them in an uplifting way is so inspiring for any age.   

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