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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The World’s First Tooth Fairy and The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand By Zane Carruth

Kids Invited to Write Tooth Fairy Letter For A Dollar and A Dream

PRNewswire/ -- Famous children’s book author Zane Carruth is holding a letter writing contest for children to ask a question or relate a story to the Tooth Fairy https://www.worldsfirsttoothfairy.com/  Carruth believes this is a great way for children to gain confidence, visualize their dreams and learn about American Folklore.

Given the success of Zane Carruth’s first book, “The World’s First Tooth Fairy Ever,” Abella the tooth fairy character is getting the magic treatment- sequel style! Carruth’s first book “The World’s First Tooth Fairy …Ever” earned the Story Monsters Seal of Approval. In the second spellbinding book ‘The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand’ Abella, the tooth fairy’s big dream has finally come true, she gets an instrument no tooth fairy can be without- a magic wand! Abella and friends learn the responsibility of having a magic wand. Once Abella starts to use her wand, she gets herself into predicaments that allow her to master the art of being the world’s first ever tooth fairy. Children can send their letters to info@worldsfirsttoothfairy. com

Losing baby teeth is a big event for the whole family and Zane Carruth’s new book release celebrates this milestone with a chance for kids to comment on very own tooth fairy adventure. They can write about how old they were when they lost their first tooth, where they are from, their favorite color and what to expect when they place their baby tooth under the pillow.

“The First Tooth Fairy…Ever is a delightful book about adventure, bravery and how being curious is often a very good thing,” said Zane.

Readers will follow Abella as she makes mistakes and learns from them. Luckily for Abella, her best friend, Darcie, is with her every step of the way, showing that even the tooth fairy needs support sometimes.

Along with the new book release, a coloring book and activity book are available for children to create their own magical memories. “The World’s First Tooth Fairy” will be at every book-shelf, and is currently available for purchase at River Oaks Bookstore , Tomfoolery Toys and Books, Museum of Fine Arts Houston – Museum Shop, Northshire Bookstore, The Bookstore Plus, Palm Beach Bookstore and The Book People.

I received complimentary copies.

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