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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

PlayMonster Makes Holidays Fun #PlayMonsterFun

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching and PlayMonster has the best games featuring everything from Party Games to Kids Toys, Strategy Games and Pre-School toys, PlayMonster really has something for everyone. 
It’s the game of things you know and love! From chocolate to cereal, football to flowers, soap to shoes—they all have LOGOs! The Logo Game is all about those logos and everything wrapped up in them. It taps into the knowledge we’ve piled up about nostalgic and new brands, and adds a few astonishing facts and surprises to entertain everyone! New version includes fun 3D pawns! For 2 to 6 players.

Cassandra's Review- I love family time and Logos so this game is super fun, I have played all the older versions as well and it will always be a favorite of mine.  
Silence is deadly.™

Think fast and shout your answer…because silence is deadly! Roll the big cubes to get your nine categories, like Contagious Things, Buffet Foods, Hotties or Colors, and then press the brain timer to get your letter and start the game! Take turns naming things in a category that start with that letter, and grab that cube! Hurry before the brain farts and you lose a token! With 54 categories and 21 letters, the game is different each time you play! For 3 or more players, ages 14 to adult.

Cassandra's' Review- The game is simple easy to play and requires nothing but pure fun. 

How much can you hang before he goes twaaang?!

Orangutwang is a fun, suspenseful and wild game! Take turns hanging fruit and jungle friends on the orangutan, but watch out! At some point, he’ll be holding too much and he’ll spring up and send the fruit and friends flying…you just never know when! No batteries required; easy set up.

For 2 or more players.

Cassandra's Review- On the first time trying this, I didn't set up the bird, so I was like ok I have all the pieces on and nothing is happening.  Always read the directions first.  After I did it correctly it's one of those pop noise games that kind of scare you if your not ready for it.  However it is so much fun and very colorful. 

I received complimentary product.

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