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Thursday, November 14, 2019

In Search of My True Identity By Suzanne H. Fabbi, M.Ed.

“In Search of My True Identity: A Journey from Disillusionment and Despair to Hope and Fulfillment”

By Suzanne H. Fabbi, M.Ed.

ISBN: 9781982227463 (softcover); 9781982227456 (hardcover); 9781982227517 (electronic)

Available at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About the Book

Kathleen already had two boys to raise by herself, but when she went out with Richard, she thought he had her best interests at heart. He had been a childhood friend and knew her first husband had abandoned her. He also knew about her bouts of mania and depression, and he would not take advantage of that … would he? But after missing her period and not hearing from Richard, Kathleen determined that her worst fear had come true—she’d gotten pregnant again. 

She did not want to give her baby up for adoption, but she felt she had no choice. Years later, her daughter, Suzanne, seeks to discover the truth of her birth, but she does not end up finding answers until age forty. In this book, Suzanne relives her journey of seeking answers, describing the circumstances, challenges, heartache, and the hope associated with giving a child up for adoption and fulfilling the dreams of a barren couple.

 Told through the eyes of multiple personas—her birth mother, her adoptive parents, and herself—the author provides a record, partly fictionalized, of the ordeal that families go through when going through adoption.

About the author
Suzanne H. Fabbi is a retired secondary English teacher, having taught for 24 years in middle and high school and at the college level. She is the mother of four children and grandmother to seven, and she resides with her husband and Yorkie pup in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I received complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Truth is light in this book that is so open and beautiful.  I think that it will inspire people to open their mind and heart to adoption. I like that it is straight from the soul of the author.  

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