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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Walkee Paws PET L❤️VERS Secret for Ditching the Dirt

Walkee Paws—the world’s first dog leggings—aren’t just for the fashionista or those looking to enhance their Instagram feed. They’re also essential for protecting your pooch against the elements and keeping harmful germs and dirt outside (where they belong!). Unlike traditional dog booties—which are often a literal pain for both dog owners and their pets—or wipes and washes that are too wet and messy, Walkee Paws are both fashionable and functional. Made with super-stretchy material and a clever over-the-back adjustable connector, the leggings are designed for maximum comfort and stay-on fit. Walkee Paws are waterproof and specifically designed to protect paw pads against all the ruff stuff outside, including hot pavements, harsh chemicals, pesticides, allergens, ticks, snow, ice and salt.

Lisa Baronoff, entrepreneur and loving owner of two adorable dogs, used her experience developing and marketing toys and pantyhose for brands like Mattel and Sara Lee Hosiery to create Walkee Paws. “As a dog owner in Manhattan, I grew increasingly concerned over the germs, dirt, chemicals, rain and snow my dogs were coming into contact with while navigating the concrete jungle,” Baronoff says. "At best, all this yuck and muck was tracking dirt into my home. At worst, my dogs were burning their little paws on hot pavement, trekking through uncomfortably cold snow, and potentially ingesting dangerous street chemicals and snow melt by licking their dirty feet. I knew there had to be a better option."

Walkee Paws come in three sizes depending on your dog’s height, accommodating everything from Pomeranians to Golden Retrievers They’re also available in a range of fun prints: Cocoa for the canine who wants to blend in; Camo for the fashion-forward doggy; Confetti for the party-ready pooch; and Classic, an evergreen plaid pattern for the poshest of pups.

Prices vary by size, ranging from $23.99 for size S to $31.99 for size L

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