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Monday, October 21, 2019

Capitalism for Democrats By Martin Lowy Review

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In the timely new book, Capitalism for Democrats, political centrist, attorney and entrepreneur Martin Lowy presents the moral relevance of capitalism and why it’s crucial for Americans to embrace it.

Many think this concise, well-written, easy-to-understand book could unite our country. Despite the fake news, fighting politicians, and personal agendas, Lowy’s common-sense capitalism that embraces both necessary regulation and the supremacy of the consumer appeals to conservatives and liberals alike.

About The Author
Martin Lowy is a veteran lawyer, banker, entrepreneur, and writer on economic subjects. He has investigated and written about the major financial debacles of the last half-century and has investigated many of the great financial frauds. He also has written two books and numerous articles on corporate governance

To learn more you can also visit: www.CapitalismForDemocrats.com

I received a complimentary copy.

I am not political in my review or life.

Cassandra's Review - I love the idea of unity and bringing the world together in more love and kindness so this book which is rather lengthy does give good points of interest.  I think the author covers a lot of ground and makes a really nice trail to possible positive outcomes.  

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