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Monday, September 30, 2019

Odell’s Fall by Norman Bacal Review

Odell’s Fall by Norman Bacal

Where do you go once you've clawed your way from obscurity to the pinnacle of success? When you've finally found the woman of your dreams. When the ethical rules guiding your life need to be broken in order to have her. When you've eloped to avoid the stigma of an interracial marriage among Alabama's elite. If you're Odell Moore, one of New York’s most successful lawyers, the entire world is watching your inevitable descent. And two New York detectives will be waiting to greet you in hell.

Love, jealousy, and deceit lead to murder in a penthouse apartment. But did Odell do it? Even he can’t be sure.

Othello has re-emerged in modern Manhattan. Will it end better for him and Desdemona this time?

Follow the clues and beware the plot twists and turns to the very last page in Norman Bacal's debut novel.

About Norman Bacal

Norman Bacal built a law firm, worked with some of Hollywood's biggest studios, mentored two generations of young lawyers and five years ago he abandoned it all. It was time to reset, to learn the art of writing from scratch. He has authored a best-selling book, is about to publish his first fiction and he speaks to audiences regularly about how to succeed.

I received a complimentary  ARC

Cassandra's Review-  Immersed in the chapters this book takes you deep into the story.  It is intertwined with enough layers to really give your mind a workout in the best way.  Thank you Norman for an amazing time. 

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