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Sunday, September 22, 2019

My Name is Happiness by Veronica Plumbe

 Having lived in Kenya for some years Veronica’s parents returned to the U.K. with her when she was six months old.

During her childhood she was captivated by the fascinating stories they told her of their time in Africa and her heart was filled with a boundless love of all creatures great and small.

When she returned to Kenya almost forty years later she felt as if she had “come home” and her love for the continent she barely knew just felt stronger.

On another visit to Tanzania she recalls “When we came into land on a dirt runway I witnessed a journey of giraffe strolling elegantly along the airstrip, a family of warthogs scampering between their legs. “One in particular caught my eye and Happiness was born”.

Synopsis of ‘My Name is Happiness’:

Happiness, our heroine, is a warthog piglet; clever, caring and courageous. She lives on a game reserve in Africa and is the narrator of our tale. Happiness is out one day with her family when her brother is snatched by a lioness, and in the ensuing panic to escape the same fate she is caught in a poacher's trap. Her human friend Peter, The Head Ranger, rescues her and takes her back to his animal sanctuary to recuperate. At Weaver House Animal Sanctuary Happiness makes many wild and wonderful friends and when she learns that some of them have lost loved ones to poachers she is determined to help put an end to this cruel practice. She concocts two wildly imaginative schemes and with the help of her new friends and a full moon she sets out on her daring mission. Even little warthog piglets can help to change the world...

“It is very rare to meet a child who is not captivated by wildlife whether it be a domestic rabbit, baby elephant or silverback gorilla. Their minds are like sponges and will soak up a good story. I sincerely hope that this story will inspire children to support conservation in anyway they can.”

Continuing, “Animals are easy to personify which makes Happiness and her companions wonderful new friends to share this important message and shout it from the treetops. It won’t be long now before some of them will be the adults holding responsibility to preserve the habitats of animals worldwide and prevent many from extinction,” explains the author. “I am lucky that I was introduced to these endangered species many years ago through books, maps and photographs and I hope Happiness story will engage fresh young minds to the plight of many animals.”

Reviews for the book have been impressive. Sophie B. comments, “My Name Is Happiness is an exquisitely illustrated children's story which teaches us about conservation, animal behaviour, the work of conservation charities, and the importance of friendship and teamwork. The kaleidoscope of characters conjure up a magical world where animals can speak to humans. It combines charming timelessness with distinctly modern details, a delightful humour and zest for life. A real work of love.”

Olivia Week adds, “Enchanting book, makes you laugh and cry. I read it to a group of children who were absolutely captivated. Wonderful story to teach children about the importance of animal welfare and conservation. Love love love it.”

‘My Name is Happiness’, from Brown Dog Books, is available now: https://amzn.to/2O1C1mi.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's  Review-  A really great read that teaches and inspires ion a super positive way and enriching kids minds for the better.  Very well thought out and I enjoyed spending time reading it out loud with my family. 

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