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Monday, September 30, 2019

Fall For Reading with STRATEGIES PR

Top Students Top Parents - Gatekeeper Press, August 2019

Author and educator Kathleen Burns believes every child can be a top student. As a parent, you just need to know how to give them the help and support they need to succeed. Top Students/Top Parents is packed from cover to cover with fun and creative activities and ideas that equip parents with easy to use tools that will make their child’s education a vital part of daily living and childcare. Opportunities for learning are all around us - if only you know where to look. Top Students/Top Parents leads the way with straightforward language that cuts through all the academic jargon of so many other books. It is by far the most comprehensive guide for parents on the market today

THE ANAHEIM BEAUTIES VALENCIA QUEEN takes readers back a century, to a time when the country was recovering from WWI, orange groves dominated southern California, Hollywood was a mecca for beautiful young women,

and the Klan seemed to stand for God, family, country, and the American Way – or did it?

Taking place in post-WWI southern California, THE ANAHEIM BEAUTIES VALENCIA QUEEN is a compelling, multilayered novel which proves that then, as now, validation rackets existed, seducing the lonely, the disenfranchised, the insecure, and the self-conscious, providing them with a sense of fitting in while luring them into behaviors beyond the pale.

In 1924 the Ku Klux Klan took over Anaheim’s city council, plus ten of eleven slots on the police force. In a Roaring 20’s citrus-packing suburb of 10,000 people, where the ethics of Jay Gatsby collide with those of Elmer Gantry, an aspiring high school pitching phenom, fatherless Dean Reynolds, falls under the spell of drop-dead-gorgeous Helen Webber and her rich, agenda-driven father.

Helen, whose face graces orange crate labels shipped around the world, is using Dean as local arm-candy while sleeping her way through Hollywood. Her father and his “connections” all turn out to be Klansmen. After a shadowy motorcar accident kills a teammate on Dean’s prom night, Dean has no one safe to turn to. But the Klan is there to “help”.

Steeped in little-known California history, the story gives us characters whose problems, moral dilemmas, strengths, and weaknesses are as relevant today as they were in 1924. Yesterday meets today in this provocative coming-of-age historical novel.

Trekachaw- B.R. Flores

INTERGALACTIC WAR. DECEIT. GENOCIDE. SOULS IN CONFLICT. A war is raging in the galaxy, a diversion, a means of keeping beings from several planets from realizing the deceit in which their leaders are cooperatively engaged. Genocide is taking place, threatening to wipe out an entire species, and the only hope for these gentle beings requires that one of them have the courage to make a dangerous and lonely journey through space and merge with a creature from another world. Quizan Azah braves the journey, merging with the human, Cole, creating a powerful new species, the Trekachaw, setting in motion the events that might ultimately allow for the restoration of peace.

In book one of a compelling and thought-provoking new series, author B.R. FLORES provides readers with political situations and worlds that, while stretching the imagination, provide the reader with an eerie sense of familiarity. Her characters are relatable; whether we love them or hate them, we understand who they are and why.

Despite coming from various worlds, they share similar hopes and dreams, fears and biases, strengths and weaknesses—showing how character transcends the arbitrariness of species. And her multi-layered story puts readers on the ground, eagerly turning the pages. A metaphor for life on Earth as well as a rollicking good adventure, Trekachaw is a must-read for Sci-Fi fans.

I recevied complimentary copies.

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