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Sunday, September 1, 2019


By Robert Agnello
Illustrations by Amia Jones
Publication Date: March 2019
Price: $8.99; softcover; 24 pages                       
ISBN: 978-09964551-1-4
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In ELI THE SNAZZLERAFFER GROWING UP, Robert Agnello Helps Kids Understand Why the World Needs Them To Become Adults

Arron the Acorn doesn’t want to grow up. He wants to have fun and not be stuck in the same spot for the rest of his life. However, his friend Eli the Snazzleraffer explains why the world is counting on him to transform into a big, tall oak tree. In ELI THE SNAZZLERAFFER GROWING UP, the sequel to the Mom's Choice award-winning book ELI THE SNAZZLERAFFER, author Robert Agnello and illustrator Amia Jones embark on another gentle, heartwarming tale about friendship, while exploring the challenge of growing up.

While others think Aaron is rude or shy because he won’t talk to them, Aaron is really just upset because he has a decision he has to make. Eli knows his friend seems rude but is really just unhappy. However, Eli challenges Aaron to embrace who he is meant to be. Eli explains that there is so much to be learned on life’s journey, and that as an oak tree, Aaron can provide shade, become a home for animals, help clean the air for those around him, and so much more. Eli promises Aaron that he will be his friend and stick with him as he changes, visiting often and singing songs together as Aaron becomes rooted and branches out.

Amia Jones creates enduring, distinct characters with Eli – a prickly but friendly fellow – and Aaron – cute, and eager to understand the world. At the same time, author Robert Agnello focuses on friendship. “I hope Eli’s story helps children understand what friendship is all about and how amazing it is to have someone who enjoys spending time with you and appreciates you for who you are.” The simple black and white line drawings provide children with the opportunity to color in the characters and make the book their own.

Robert Agnello is an Emmy Award-winning artist and award-winning author. He has written music for TV shows, including Carmen Sandiego and Pete and Pete, and has performed as a musician and toured worldwide with The Spencer Davis Group and other bands. His other books for children include The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo, The Glimmers Introducing Ignate Knorr, and The Glimmers Save Christmas, as well as the young adult novel Band of Innocence: Legacy.

Amia Jones lives in sunny California. She has always had a passion for art and is a computer animation graduate from Full Sail University. She specializes in modeling characters. She loves making characters come to life through her artwork. She works with many mediums of art, including 2D in Photoshop for illustrating and shading and lighting.

I received a complimentary copy.

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