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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Designology by Sally Augustin

Designology: How to Find Your PlaceType and Align Your Life With Design
by Sally Augustin
Align With Design
Create spaces at home and work that align with your personality type and support your goals with this comprehensive science-based guide.

Discover a new paradigm: Are you an adventurer or a visionary? A maveric or a maven? Designology makes design personal through author Sally Augustin’s 8 personality “Placetypes” that characterize the different ways we can relate to the space around us.

Personalize everything: What color should you paint your child’s bedroom? How do shapes and patterns influence how you think in a space? How do room dimensions influence you psychologically? Designology answers all these questions and more with practical how-to advice and real-world examples sure to help make your house a happier place to be.

Move forward with your design projects: Bust through the design paralysis that affects so many by applying verified science-based insights. Designology will help you regain control of your design-related efforts with suggestions customized to your personality and space-related needs.

Find out what really matters: Designology teaches you how smells, textures, and other factors in your home influence your happiness. It shows you how your personality and ideal design styles are really related.

Readers will learn about:

How to sound-scape a place whether they need to concentrate or think creatively
How to use scents in their home to help their family feel healthier
What to read into their spouse’s desktop landscape
How to use paint to make their living room feel more comfortable
And much more!
Take on your intimidating design tasks with confidence using this practical, personalizable how-to guide.

I received a complimentary copy.

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