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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Casely and the first-ever monthly phone case subscription club

Back-to-school shopping is in full swing and kids everywhere are accessorizing to look their best. Beyond new clothes and backpacks, stylish phone cases are the hottest new fashion accessories.

Casely and the first-ever monthly phone case subscription club, which makes for a great back-to-school gift.

Today’s kids and young adults are using their smartphones as canvases for self-expression, curating “phone case wardrobes” to match their clothes. That used to mean spending $40-60 per case, but Casely’s subscription club costs $15 per case. Casely’s stylists hand-select new trendy cases to ship to your door either every month or every three months, depending on your subscription.

Casely has cases for every size of iPhone and has just launched its first line of Samsung cases. 

I received complimentary product.

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