My Families Need List 2018

If you know of a brand or PR rep that can point me in the direction of these products it would be awesome and especially if you actually are reading this and would like for me to review for you.

Of course sponsored posts would also be helpful as well, but I enjoy trying new things and would enjoy any and everything you send my way.

You can always contact me via the sidebar on the right of this blog. @star95011 Twitter

Well first of all my family ranges in ages from babies , toddler and teens and of course myself as well as my many different pets.

Money-- It's always nice to feature sponsored posts and that always helps my family.  (Of course money would also solve the rest of this list, but I know that brands can not always afford to have sponsored posting. )  So let's help each other.

Car or truck-- A new or newer vehicle.  Unfortunately my vehicle just is not safe enough to currently drive and that puts a huge strain on my stress level.

Pet items- They are always useful.   I have cats, dogs chickens, cows as well as small animals.

Power tools and tools--  Things that I can use to fix up my old home.  There is a new project everyday.

A refrigerator-  Mine currently either freezes everything or thaws everything, there is no in between.

Washer-  mine eats our clothes and barely runs and shakes the entire house.

Technology- Computers, a printer, Laptops, Tablets and resources for  homeschool.

Sofa, Futon, Chairs, a kitchen table-  Mine are on their last legs but still survive.

My kids love doing jigsaw puzzles, so those would be cool to have.  All of the kids love to play board and card games.  I also enjoy reviewing books.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can work together soon!

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