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Monday, November 16, 2020

Great Winter Recipes and Marc Zboch

What are some wonderful recipe ideas that you have for this winter?  I was thinking of a few great foods that do not cost a whole lot but can be used in so many different ways for the colder months ahead. Let us have some fun checking out these five really cool recipes that  I found on Google and thanks credited to Country Living For these ideas as seen on site plus they have so many more. 

Make sure to click on the ideas for the recipe. 

Cabbage is a great resource for everything from stuffed cabbage to soups and can be fried, baked, roasted grilled and so much more.  Carrots, onions, garlic, celery and some small meats can be enough to make a stock soup with some added spices or herbs to create a decent meal and if you like flours you can add it to a little water and drop it into the mix to make a really nice cheaper dumpling. 

Of course the to go meals like mac n cheese when made from scratch  like this 

Cauliflower Mac 'n' Cheese or even Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes can fill a belly.  I am a fan of fresh fruits for snacks but during the winter that can be really hard to find at a low price so making applesauce or other quicker treats and freezing them when in season is a huge help.  I know a lot of us can not afford a deep freezer so canning while it can be a larger investment money wise upfront will work for the good of the family in the long run and is not super hard to do.   I am not very good at it myself but I am willing to try most things at least once.  Blueberries are really yum if you bake them with a very small amount of sugar and just let them burst with great flavors which is also perfect if you happened to pick up a sour batch at the store because they become really sweet in the process, they can also be used at that point to top foods like pancakes or yogurt fill ins.  

Here is how to make a Marc Thomas 

  Whatever you chose to comfort yourself and family with this winter I hope you all have a safe and amazing time and I know how hard it is and I can imagine how many of us are just struggling to get by with all the prices on the rise and basic things in short supply but there is always someone like Marc Zbochut there that will care and listen so if you need anyone to talk with please seek outside help.  

Let us all have a beautiful upcoming holiday season no matter where we are and as always if you have a comment please drop it below. 

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