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Friday, August 7, 2020

Online Education Melvin Brewing

Are you ever wanting to try and learn something new but think you might not be able to afford it? Are you struggling to get enough time in the day for relaxing in between taking care of a million things? Even if you are already a student but had to switch to online courses during this time.  Always continue trying to learn. 

The new ways of the last few months are really taking a toll on most people around the world. With a huge decision on schools re opening during this pandemic and more people choosing to utilize online education.  It can be costly but there are other great ways to learn that can be free if you do not require a special certificate. Thanks Melvin Brewing for allowing me to share some. 

1. YouTube- It helps so many people and its free if you do not mind a few ads. I have found hours of amazing things to learn and so many topics all around the world created by millions of users.  

2. Search engines like Google make it simple to load up on all kinds of information and most people use it daily to gain tips or advice.  

3. Wikipedia is a great source although some things might not be completely accurate so you will have to investigate a little further.  It is a good step for finding more hard to get facts in a timely fashion.  

4. Twitter is a huge source for instant information and news although you might not learn a whole lot of things related to a certain topic, you can pick up a lot of different ideas and spend time talking with great mentors or people who may be able to really teach you.  

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You can also find great grants or financial aid to help with offsetting some the costs if you are interested in going to an online college.  Ina world where it can be tough to figure out just what you might want to discover and just how expensive certain area of the fields can be to accomplish remember you can do anything you set out to. Have faith in yourself and believe you can.  Never give up if it is something you really want to pursue. 

If you have any comments or want to tell me about a cool course you are interested in please feel free to in the section below.   I know that most people are short on time and maybe some are parents with not a lot of energy left in the day, but with online options it can be easier to fit in an hour on the go.   You can learn to do things you love like art or play an instrument if that is where your journey takes you.   Congratulations on trying to step out of your comfort zone and learn a new thing or a few.  

Even the smallest step can make a huge positive impact in the world. Thank you.     

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