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Monday, May 25, 2020

Real Estate Education Courses Could be Cool

It would be cool to spend some time during the quarantine to take a real estate education course if you have an interest. I am sure there are so many people that will want to find a good home after they have spent so much time in theirs or maybe move to a different state to have better opportunities. I looked up a few questions and answers to hopefully help to get you on the way to thinking about or actually going for a great course.

As always if you want to leave a comment below you are welcome and if you go for a course and pass it congratulations I would love to learn all about that as well.  If you have anything to add it is encouraged just remember to submit the comment.  Can you take a real estate course online?
In most states, you can take online real estate classes or classes in a classroom with a real teacher. There are many pros and cons to both options, and the better option will depend on your goals and plans as a real estate agent.  Thanks Google and Investforyoumore dott com 

Graduate real estate education is the study of real estate development at the graduate school level. It has taken many forms, giving rise to various educational models in different countries. Thanks for the great information as seen directly on Wikipedia.  Also you can check out AstroFlipping for more information.

The decision for individuals pursuing higher education in this field often comes down to choosing between a traditional degree with a focus on real estate finance (e.g., Master in Science with concentration in real estate) or an interdisciplinary, comprehensive degree (e.g., Master of Real Estate Development) focused wholly on real estate studies.

While there are many real estate programs available to students around the country, there are only a handful of real estate development graduate programs that tackle the broader educational task of engaging the full range of real estate development (e.g., Master of Real Estate Development) -- from property acquisition to planning and permitting, law and finance, design and construction, and culminating in marketing, commercial leasing, property, portfolio and asset manage me Historically, graduate level coursework in real estate was limited to a major or minor in business, or training in architecture and urban planning schools.

While Business school (MBA) programs might emphasize the business side of real estate, MBA students typically lack adequate understanding of real estate principles and processes. Over the last several decades, the real estate industry has matured to one with great complexity and an increasingly institutional ownership structure. The increased complexity of the industry created a demand for practitioners who possessed a comprehensive knowledge of real estate beyond that of traditional MBA generalists. One and two-year graduate level real estate degree programs originated with the founding of the New York University Real Estate Institute in (1967) (now known as the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate) and in 1983 with the formation of the MIT Center for Real Estate, You can find all kinds of great add in information via Wikipedia.  

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