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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Successful Business Owners

What are some ways that you can become a successful business owner?
I can think of some really amazing business owners and they work hard, but they also take good care of themselves.  Taking time to meditate or pray. Planning ahead and having honest practices can make a huge impact on the outcome of any business, especially how you treat your employees and the fairness of practices at the workplace.  I assume it has to be super stressful for people at times especially when you have to rely on so many people to get the work done and that is depending on the type of business you own.  I checked out Rusty Tweed  President & Owner, TFS Properties, Inc in San Marino, California  and found out that he is (his own words)Working hard to find investments that give clients good positive income with tax advantages.

The majority of investments that we offer are real estate based.
Securities offered through Cabot Lodge Securities, LLC (CLS), Member FINRA/SIPC.
Advisory Services offered through CL Wealth Management, LLC (CLWM), an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
Tweed Financial Services, Inc. is not controlled by or a subsidiary of Cabot Lodge Securities LLC or CL Wealth Management LLC.

That to me sounds very stressful and intimidating but I completely respect that he can do it and be so successful.   Here are some great ideas that might help you
1. Don't be afraid to dive in a get your hands dirty when it comes to building and making a difference in your business you have to be present. 2. Push yourself to be more impacting or challenge yourself to do more for what you believe in.  3. If there is no risk there can be no good rewards so do not be afraid to jump in but always be cautious not to go head first with your eyes closed.  4. Remember that when it  comes to being a boss you need to trust yourself to to do what is right and make good calls.

 You have to lead without fear and that can be hard for some.  You have to know when to be firm as well because you can not let someone walk on what you are building if its not the way you planned.  5. Take time to sit back and visualize your next moves, plan for the un known and possibilities both good and bad because it can save you so much heartache and drama, never just go on impulse but always trust your gut.  6. If you are expanding you need to find and hire the most trustworthy partners you can find, and that is beyond hard even a good person can turn into a greedy or hateful person as time goes on or the money becomes more than what was projected and even if  you get the fame and they do not.  You have to be ready to cut ties with anyone you have to pay to be with as far as a partner and you have to protect yourself so make sure you have a good agreement written up ahead of time.  I wish you luck on the journey no matter how it goes.


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