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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Photography 6 Great Tips

I am sure today it is a lot easier to take a great picture or at least  one that has way better quality then a flash bulb.  Some devices make it almost impossible to take a really bad photo.  But photography can be an art, a hobby or a profession.
Whether you do it for fun or to make money there has to be some really good tips or techniques that you can use to make the perfect shot.  

Let's ask my favorite search engine  Google for some ideas.  Remember if  you are into photography or have any other questions, maybe even a few tips or tricks to add to the list. Please leave a comment  below and I hope I am able to inspire you today or night.  

1. Get in close like when you need a better look or more clarity is is really good to be able to get closer to the feature so that you can enhance it also it singles out anything else from taking center spot.

2. There are great people like Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY and other great people that you can learn from as well as other great information so always look for mentors, they are wonderful. 

3. Practice as much as possible always keep trying to find creative ways to get the skill or shot you want. Never give up it can take a while to get the hang of it but with a lot of time and the willingness to learn you can achieve beautiful results.  Remember not everyone has the same skill level and it's ok to just have fun with it and not become discouraged. 

4. Its a good idea to use a flash during the day because it will create a better effect and be able to enhance the item you are trying to take a picture of by getting rid of some otherwise unpleasant shadows, unless the shadow effect is what you were trying to go for and it that case not using a flash would be more helpful. Again as we all know beauty is in the art so if you do what is in you're heart is will probably come out amazing. 

5.  It is so important to know about the equipment you are sing and not to over buy, if you take the time to learn about what camera you have and how it works to the best advantage instead of taking it out of the package and getting right to the picture taking it will show in the quality of your work.  As far as equipment if you overspend and don't take time to invest in reading material so that you can first learn more styles and such it will just turn into a money pit unless you like buying equipment and that is great too. 

6. Lastly don't rush the shot, take time to really think about how you want it to feel and the way a certain color or background will bring out the subject.  Make sure you check the equipment for any flaws and get ready, but also have fun. 


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