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Sunday, January 12, 2020

What is Mobile Engagement and Roaming Control?

As you may already know I love to try and learn all about new things, even though my memory is not super amazing, it is fun to experience the different topics at least once in life.  If you have a business I think you can really benefit greatly from picking up a few tips as well.  Apps like Twitter are making the way we can connect and engage so much faster. By taking just a few minutes each day on platform like that you can generate a ton of traffic and wonderful free advertisements for whatever you choose. 

You also have great sites like Facebook and I really like that these as apps can be accessed on the go so if you are in a hurry or just have a few minutes here and there you can go onto a mobile device with the proper internet access and get things done is a simple manner that is super effective.   For a lot of people this stuff can be really difficult and time consuming so again finding the right options and people to help is going to be a major key factor to getting ahead.  Also never be ashamed to ask for help because there is always someone who can or will take the time to further you on this journey to figure out the best options. 

Ok are you ready for this?  We are going to find out what mobile engagement is.  I started by Googling the topic and found a great definition from mmaglobal  Thank you (credited)

Mobile engagement is the act of engaging a user through available messaging channels inside and outside of an app. Companies use mobile engagement to deliver positive brand experiences, support their business goals and build valuable, long-term relationships. Engagement typically starts the moment a user downloads your app. Showing users your app’s value from the very beginning is essential to building a long-term relationship that keeps them coming back.  Check them out here 

Also this ties into Roaming Control is a Steering of Roaming solution for IoT networks. By combining an extensive rules engine with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, you are able to control the cost of outbound IoT devices and steer devices to the optimum network while delivering seamless global connectivity. so thanks to Cellusys for the information.  

Of course this is not going to make me and expert in the topics we are discussing but I hope you are able to go to the different sites, take a look around and find exactly what you need to enhance the experience for you.  Getting in front of the right people can make all the difference if you are trying to build up engagement as well as keeping the flow of traffic organic.  

I am so glad you took the time to stop in and learn with me and hopefully I covered some of the basics for you, however you can always leave a comment below and any feedback, maybe even add a topic you would like to see branched out more in the section below. 
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