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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Could You be A Mentor? Let's ask Brian Posen

What does it take to be a good mentor? Can just anyone do it?  I think that anyone who has patience and knowledge on the topics needed can make an excellent mentor. To be great you would probably need to be truthful no matter what and always completely frank with the person.  

Let's find out what Brian Posen advises on the being a mentor for children wanting to become a comedian or actor. 

When your child walks into the audition room, they need to be confident. Their outward appearance must match their inner thoughts. If a child feels withdrawn or unsure, this will show through in their acting. Acting is all about carrying themselves well. It extends to their attitude toward the audition and toward the piece they are presenting. If they are proud of themselves and stand tall, this will go a long way toward encouraging their success. You may want to consider giving your child a modeling class to teach them the basics of body awareness even when they do not feel 100% confident about the audition.

Take Direction
When your child enters an audition or a rehearsal, they need to be able to take direction. If they can’t make adjustments based on their director’s expectations, it is likely that they will fail in their work. Being able to take direction means setting their egos aside and working toward the director’s vision of the part rather than their own. If a child can’t take direction, it is likely that they will not be hired in the future.

Even young child actors must understand that they are in the business to please someone else. They can’t necessarily go in with their own ideas and attitude about what the part should be. They need to take a step back from their own accomplishments and be sure that they can fit into an existing idea.

No one will enjoy your child’s performance if they can’t understand them. It is a good idea to practice tongue twisters and other enunciation exercises. If a child can’t articulate themselves, it is possible that they will not be able to receive any work. Giving articulation an honest try will count with many directors. Most directors are willing to work with child actors until they have developed their skills, but some are very impatient and are not able to spend the necessary time getting a child ready to act on the stage or screen.

Be Over-The-Top
Standing out is hugely important when it comes to child actors. If your child is tentative and conservative, they will not stand out in the large audition pool. Your child needs to feel free to express themselves and to go the extra mile where the role is concerned. Giving your child the freedom to express themselves can be challenging because parents always want their child to be perfect. It is better to take risks than to sit back and let the roles come. Directors will always be interested in children who can push their comfort zones.

Thank you so much Brian, I can not wait to visit your excellent sites and read up on more great ideas.

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