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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Is Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Did you know that U.S. companies lose over $75 Billion per year due to poor customer service and low customer satisfaction.

What is customer satisfaction and how can companies help to bring the customer back or keep them?

Customer satisfaction for me is being able to get help when my orders are wrong and being able to be treated fairly. I recently had an experience with an e commerce site were I was sent a faulty product by a third party seller. Even though the site guaranteed that I would be protected, I still had to struggle for over two months to get my refund and that was after paying out of pocket for the return shipping. By the way the return shipping cost almost as much as the product.

I was not impressed with the site policies and having to contact several customer representatives by phone, email and chat just to get this all figured out Even in the end when I did get the full refund I had already decided I was not wanting to shop on that site again. I felt let down and angry that the company guarantee was not as it claimed and that is an example of poor customer satisfaction.

I also had an experience with a shipping company that always damaged, opened or stole from my packages. For years I had took photos and sent in proof and contacted the company via social media as well as email and chat. To this day it still happens and unfortunately I am not able to switch shippers. If I could they would never get anyone's business and be exposed for what really happens. I bring this up because customer satisfaction can bring down a company if they are not careful with how they are treating people and even the biggest companies can fold if they are not respecting people.

In my opinion in order to keep a customer you have to be able to remember that they are always right, well at least as far as business and I understand that there are people in the world just trying to get free stuff or out to make a problem, which is not ok. I am talking about companies that make you send photo proof of damage deliveries or not replying at all to your emails, not letting you leave reviews on the sites unless they are five star. Only giving you half of your money back or not fulfilling refunds at all.

Making you wait for weeks to get reimbursed or refunded, I have even had some reps call me a liar or call me names. I have been hung up on or even disconnected from chats. I do want to point out that I try very hard to be courteous and polite even when I feel like crying from the way I am being treated. Terrible customer service especially rude non knowledgeable people that transfer you to other representatives because they do not want to bother is a huge flaw and can be costly if word of mouth comes into play. What are your thought on customer satisfaction, I would love to know if you have any added things in the comments below.

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