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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Home Flooring is So Important

I have spent years with horrible floors in my home plus this older house is only supported by tree stumps and rocks, wood and dirt. So it is all wavy and rotten and squishy like a trampoline and when we eat if we do not have the tables right our food can slide off. Recently after a leak was so bad in a crack in my shower base and stressing about it for days on end, It finally got fixed but it took years to save up for and do. The floor rotted and you could fall through to 3 feet of nothing and than dirt. The plywood was damaged there was no subfloor, it was disgusting and dangerous.

I was able to atleast get a new shower put it in and new plywood, vinyl floor and a few joints to level the rocking toilet. I bring this up because I truly know what it is like to be without good clean beautiful flooring like some flooring Nashville has.

Can you imagine what kind of pain a bad rotten floor does to your body and how stressful it can be to know that your house is literally falling little by little, which my landlord says is called settling but the house is over 200 years old, so probably something else. I was not allowed to pick my own flooring choices but there are so many out there and different levels of difficulty to help you get the best look at affordable prices or atleast a price you can live with. Styles that are colorful or dark, slick or shiny. Designs and there are even really cheap peel and stick tiles which I had tried but they are in my opinion absolutely terrible. It was a really hard process to gut the whole old wood floor of the bathroom and years of the most disgusting black mold and mildew and just all around grossness.

Right now like I was saying it is still an open project and I do not mind interior home improvement but I would like it to cost less and I did not realize how many tools are needed and time. I love taking time to improve the look and feel of my home because I spend so much time here with my family and I want a comfortable clean living space. Floors that are bad can cause serious medical problems like tendinitis and back pain as well I know first hand from sitting on chairs that go sideways and trying to find the flat spot on the floor to weigh yourself with a scale.

Or the feeling of knowing one day you could be walking and than the floor falls underneath you. Do not get discouraged and never be afraid to try new things to improve your home if done in the right way it can cost near nothing.

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