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Work The Future! Today by Whitney Vosburgh Charlie Grantham Review @brandguru

Work The Future! Today: Bringing shared purpose to life: A book of hope and help for humanity (WTF! 1)
by Whitney Vosburgh,  Charlie Grantham

Work the Future! Today: Finding your path to purpose, passion and profit
ISBN-13: 978-0-9996346-0-8
8” x 8” 200 Pages       

Work the Future! Today 2019 Pocket Pal: A faster path to purpose, passion and profit
ISBN-13: 978-0-9996346-5-3
5” x 8” 50 Pages
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"Work The Future! Today is an amazing book--I'll watch for Charlie and Whitney on Good Morning America since this is going to catch on fire. This book offers the next chapter for aligning purpose and life goals in a new and visionary way. WTF! hits its stride for many of us searching for alignment of our core beliefs with the "what's next" discussion."
~ Sharon Klun, former Manager, Work/Life/Wellness Initiatives, Accenture

Yogi Berra once said, "The future ain't what it used to be." We live in a time of unparalleled chaos, confusion, and complexity, leaving us in search of our North Star and a sense of shared purpose that transcends partisan politics, "alternative facts", and double speak. We are responding with this book to:  Address the need to re/discover your Purpose.  Provide you with a pathway to bring your purpose to life, particularly in the workplace.  Identify how leaders and visionaries like you can create common purpose--a shared North Star--for all stakeholders.  "With their call to action for a better future, Whitney and Charlie articulate a critical need in these chaotic times, and offer a clear path to achieving it--they draw on what's clearly a wealth of experience. The result is a map to the future: a way to ensure we all know what we need to do to thrive."
~ Ceil Tilney, former General Manager, Imperative

Our book is short enough to read it flying from coast to coast with enough time left for a nap. It was designed so you can experience it on various levels with its simple graphics, powerful quotes, a detailed Table of Contents, and succinct chapter summaries. And the book is filled with tools that you can use.

What Is Purpose? Purpose is the Why of our Whys. All humans are in and on a purpose quest, whether they know it or not. The sole purpose of human existence is ultimately our soul purpose, which raises the questions:

* Why are we here?
* What are we to do?

The American Dream Into Nightmare
The Old Story of the American Dream was built on top of a number of other myths such as Westward Ho!, the Rugged Frontiersman, and the Lone Cowboy. From 1950 to 1975 this dream became a reality for many as the postwar boom, based on American global supremacy, provided a rising tide that lifted many boats.

By 1980, the 1950s myths of Infinite Growth, Everybody Can Become Middle Class, and The Business of America is Business turned into the American Nightmare on Main Street. These myths have not been replaced, so we are operating in a vacuum without a compass.

Purpose: Find Your Why?--Your Guiding North Star
Shared purpose is the glue that binds humans together. It includes a commonly held belief system, which informs our attitudes and ultimately our behavior. Why is purpose important now? Purpose is important because humankind has reached a point in its evolution where it can consciously choose its guiding principle: creation or destruction.

We need to give birth to a new approach constructed upon shared positive purpose and values; rethinking the Profit, People, Planet paradigm; and creating a new pathway to creating a new socially forward story--Planet, People, Profit--that puts the planet first, because without our planet, there would be no people and profits.

About the Authors

Whitney Vosburgh is co-founder of 'Work The Future! Today,' a social venture that offers vision, leadership and solutions for maximizing personal, organizational and societal potential, and co-founder of Brand New Purpose, a brand transformation consultancy that creates purpose-built, value-driven opportunities. He is also a consulting Chief Marketing Officer and change agent for Fortune 20 companies and Silicon Valley startups, guiding over $20+ billion worth of M&A, IPOs, sales, pivots and launches. He graduated with an M.A. in Religious Leadership for Social Change from Graduate Theological Union, and with a B.F.A. from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Dr. Charles Grantham is co-founder of 'Work The Future! Today,' has a rich multi-disciplinary background, and pursues his passion for helping leaders, organizations, and communities realize their true potential for effective performance, governance, and sustainability. Charlie served in the Special Forces, and enjoyed a career in academia and as Executive Director of R&D for several multinational technology companies. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Maryland and is the author of nine books and several dozen technical papers. Most recently, he published ForeSight 2025, a practical guide on how to navigate the change process to prosper in the coming decade.

For more information about the team, their books and solutions, visit:

I received complimentary copies.

Cassandra's Review-  Both the book and pocket pal are filled with so much great knowledge, information and tips that you will not get the full benefit if you skim them.  I would recommend them both to older ages who want to get serious with the topics included. With a workbook feel that will have you passing time trying to contain all the greatness they offer.  Get ready to learn and make notes because this is a real mind workout. 

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