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Overcomer is coming to a theater near you August 23 #Overcomer #Books #Review #feature

The Kendrick Brothers’ new film “Overcomer” is coming to a theater near you August 23

Wonderful: The Truth About Who I Am
by Stephen Kendrick (Author), Alex Kendrick (Author), Amy Parker (Author)
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It’s almost field day, and Webster is worried. He can’t run fast, he trips on the jump rope, and his Frisbee always lands in a tree. How will he help his class get the medal? Webster is sure that God forgot to make anything special about him.
Join Webster and his class as the whistle blows and he discovers a few God-given skills that just might save field day. This whimsical, illustrated picture book reminds young readers that they were each wonderfully made by God!

Cassandra's Review-  A book that is great for young minds but I think it should be shared with them through a parent or reading group because of the longer passages and creative projects.  It is faith based and includes  a lot of deep thinking.

Revealed: Discovering Your True Identity in Christ for Teen Boys and Young Men by Alex Kendrick (Author), Stephen Kendrick (Author), Troy Schmidt (Author
Who am I? It’s a question you might ask yourself a lot, and this book for teen guys and young men will lead you through an investigation to find the answers. You’ll learn that your identity is much more than your grades, your looks, or your athletic skills. The only One who truly knows you and defines you is the One who created you. Revealed will give you answers about who you are and where you’re going, leading you to uncover your true Christ- shaped identity.

Cassandra's Review-  For the teens and older ages this is going to be a great faith based book to keep them on track while boosting self awareness.  It holds creative ideas in a faith based way that will open room for discussions and positive thinking. 

Radiant: His Light, Your Life for Teen Girls and Young Women
by Priscilla Shirer
Did you know that God’s light can shine through every facet of your identity? Radiant is an invitation for teen girls and young women to enjoy a candid conversation on identity with bestselling author Priscilla Shirer. You’ll hear reflections on life lessons she’s gathered from her teen years until now. She’ll show you how the light of God’s Word shaped her identity, and she’ll teach you how it can change and shape your life as well.
The culture will try to define you, but this world is starving for something different that comes only from the creative genius of your God. You were created to reflect His light. . . . You were created to be radiant.

Cassandra's Review-  The author shares her truth and several inspiring stories that are perfect for the faith based reader. 

Defined: Who God Says You Are
by Stephen Kendrick (Author), Alex Kendrick (Author)

Inspired by the Kendrick brothers’ new movie OVERCOMER, and written by the #1 New York Times best-selling author team behind The Love Dare and The Battle Plan for Prayer, comes an exciting new resource about discovering your God-given identity and embracing the wonder of who you were created to be.

At this very moment, what you believe about your own purpose and value affects almost every area of your life—including how you think and feel, the way you react to circumstances, and how you approach God and your relationships. But what is guiding your core beliefs? Are they healthy and founded upon solid truth? Or are they constantly shifting with the opinions of others or your own emotions? Based upon powerful insights from the scriptural book of Ephesians, and seasoned with personal stories and practical wisdom, Defined challenges readers to let the One who knows you best be the One who guides your heart the most. It’s time for all of us to live in the amazing light of His acceptance, abundance, and strength.

Cassandra''s Review-  Faith for adults that is given freely while passages and added moments are included to pass the time.  The book helps those who read it elevate and connect more with God in a more positive way. 

I received complimentary copies. 

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