Thursday, August 01, 2019

Growing Heirloom Flowers By Chris McLaughlin Review @QuartoHomes

Growing Heirloom Flowers
Bring the Vintage Beauty of Heritage Blooms to Your Modern Garden
Growing Heirloom Flowers
Growing Heirloom Flowers explains in simple terms how to grow the fullest, richest, and most aromatic blooms possible.

Heirloom flowers have stood the test of time. Prized for their beauty, scent, hardiness, or other star qualities, these vintage varieties continue to capture our imaginations and decorate our gardens long after they first came to be. These flowers have experience, and now you can enjoy the experience of growing them.

In Growing Heirloom Flowers, author Chris McLaughlin takes you on a tour of these alluring blooms, covering the benefits, challenges, growing requirements, and everything else you need to know about more than forty heirloom flowers.

Along the way, she offers tips, tricks, and creative projects for making the most of your heirloom garden, from arranging and preserving to dyes, drinks, and more. With a wealth of information and stunning full-color photography, this book is the perfect guide to adding heirloom beauty to your life.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A beautiful to enjoy book that is packed with information.  It is fun to both browse or read in depth and gives a lot of cool ideas.

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