Friday, August 09, 2019

Giant eco-friendly full body wipes that take you from sports field to festival .@mammothwipes

Outdoor enthusiasts, sports fans, festival-goers and campers can now take a refreshing shower whatever their location thanks to the utterly refreshing new whole body wipe, Mammoth Wipes.

A cutting-edge design which offers a hygienic and eco-friendly whole body refresh when traditional facilities aren't available, Mammoth Wipes make it easy to clean up quickly without polluting the planet.

Created using a sustainable, fully biodegradable bamboo material Mammoth Wipes are a massive 25 times bigger than a regular face wipe and an absolute essential for anyone spending a night under the stars, getting back to nature or roughing it out at a Tough Mudder or Spartan type event. With no palm oil, and no harsh chemicals, each super large, super soft wipe is completely paraben-free and safe for sensitive skin.

Ideal for festivals and other outdoor events where showers and running water is limited or non-existent, the giant bamboo material wipes are easy to use and easy to pack. Each skin-friendly wipe is infused with a water-based antibacterial liquid, wild lemon-fresh scent and a soothing aloe leaf juice skin conditioner. Simple pull out, wipe on and refresh to leave skin feeling clean and cleansed.

Mammoth Wipes are also completely plastic free, have recyclable packaging and are fully biodegradable. Unlike smaller face and household wipe counterparts, a used Mammoth Wipe won’t contribute to the thousands of tons of landfill waste generated by similar products each year.

Each wipe measures 120cm x 80cm with two in each pack, making them the ideal size for full-body cleaning. The wipe gently removes dirt, grime and sweat easily, they are also incredibly lightweight and easy to pack, making them ideal for off the grid adventures.

Jason Thorpe, Director of Mammoth Wipes, said "Standard wipes just aren't up to the job of getting clean after an event like Tough Mudder or a day spent living it up at a festival. They also create big problems for the natural environment.

“Mammoth Wipes are totally unique, give a full body clean, can be used anywhere and aren’t harmful to the environment.

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