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Deep Secrets: An Amy Lynch Investigation by P.K. Norton Review

Suspense Novelist Fishes for Murder and Motive in Third Killer Mystery

Critically Acclaimed Author uncovers Deep Secrets in Amy Lynch series
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Deep Secrets: An Amy Lynch Investigation
by P.K. Norton

Dead men tell no tales. Is that why Tom Griffin is lying near death in a Cape Cod hospital? Because of what he could reveal about Waltower—a top secret government project underway at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute?That’s what Amy Lynch aims to learn. As an investigator for New England Casualty and Indemnity, Amy’s job is to look into the supposed accident that put Tom into a coma.

Amy has a personal stake as well. Tom Griffin is an old friend. Her first love. She struggles to keep her emotions in check as she seeks to discover what really happened to Tom. And why.Amy fights her way through the sand-bagging she receives from WHOI. They say the project is need-to-know. Well, Amy needs to know. And the clearer the situation becomes to her, the greater the threat to her safety. Will she uncover the truth in time to save herself from the same fate as Tom?

I received  a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Each chapter brings you closer to almost guessing correctly the mystery as it unfolds, but you may still be wrong in the end.  I would have liked to have read book one first, but this is a great standalone.  The characters have pourpose and not just written in to pass the time and even though some people might find the topics a little boring the story has a way of keeping you involved and not overwhelmed with jargon. 


Paula PK Norton had no idea that what she did for a living would prove so significant until Amy Lynch, Insurance Investigator, was born.  Like mother, like offspring/heroine.   Paula’s passions surface in all the books in her series.  Interests like archeology, The Association of Former Intelligence Officers –yes, she is a card-carrying member – Paris, Key West and fencing.

But the affection that figures most in her life and her writing is for husband, Jack.  Together, over cocktails and dinner, Paula and Jack concocted unique ways to kill people.  There are many of these – enough to fill at least four books in the Amy Lynch Mystery Series.

When she is not plotting and writing, Paula is, well, plotting and writing with Sisters in Crime and the Cape Cod Writers Center.

Paula was born and raised in Abington, MA where she taught at the public schools, and resides now in Greater Boston, MA.

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