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A Girl's Guide to Kicking Goals By Steph Claire Smith Review .@QuartoKnows

A Girl's Guide to Kicking Goals
body image - social media - workouts - recipes Author: Steph Claire Smith
A Girl's Guide to Kicking Goals
As teenage models, Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith know exactly what it feels like to grow up in a media savvy world which makes growing up far more complicated. Having traded in skinniness for feeling great through fitness and a balanced diet, Laura and Steph’s book A Girl’s Guide to Kicking Goals traces their journey towards finding balance, happiness and self-acceptance in a digital world.

In the first chapter, Our Journeys, Steph and Laura narrate their unique journeys, from childhood to high school to their careers. They address pertinent issues such as eating disorders, beauty standards and the influence of social media.

The second chapter, Being Social, examines social media. Laura and Steph stress the importance of making social media a positive space, and avoiding traps that many girls fall into, such as conflating reality and online life and needlessly comparing themselves to others.

Steph and Laura talk about Beating the Bullies in the third chapter, and Your Body Changes, describes the natural changes girls go through at puberty and offers methods of coping with this turbulent time. Steph and Laura also offers pointers on maintaining loving, healthy relationships, both romantically and with family and friends, as well as how to manage time, including setting aside time to relax to reduce stress.

Later chapters discuss how to Find Your Career Path, Exercise, and lastly, You Are What You Eat, which includes healthy yet delicious recipes to go with your new exercise regime that is tailored to you. From Brekkie cups, which are packed with eggs, bacon and goat’s cheese and Legendary lamb salads to Trixy bikkies, Steph and Laura have savoury and sweet recipes that are suitable for everyone.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A good amount of healthy ideas and ways to get your mind as well as body in good shape.  It is perfect for teens and older but any age can work on the chapters and feel good about themselves.  It is not just reading the book that will make it special but taking the time to follow the great advice or tips. Plus if you have a buddy to include in the journey it will be so much more fun. 

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