Friday, July 19, 2019

The Soul’s Journey Into Light K.E. Hansen Review

The Soul’s Journey Into Light
Through Revelation

Through a revelatory experience, K.E. Hansen experienced Jesus’ creation of a crystal structure within her inner core, and realized this crystal structure is available for each of us. In this experience, she became aware of another level of Revelation affecting our inner self that Jesus intends for all of us right now. The Soul’s Journey Into Light Through Revelation is an inspiring, biblically based, and very understandable commentary on Revelation that will help you reach the destiny He has always wanted for you; to be His beloved companion on earth as in heaven.

Jesus designed Revelation as a practical guidebook and revolutionary roadmap to uplift your consciousness to His, and to save you from the enemy. As you meet the challenges Jesus presents, you become transformed and renewed; a new being in Him. You experience a deeper, stronger relationship with the Holy Spirit. A goal of Jesus through Revelation is to lead you into a perfect loving and complete union with Him dwelling in your heart, mind, and soul, right now. Following Him, you are guided on a loving journey to knowing your soul’s true purpose. You become His instrument of light and love.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A really well written faith based book that is perfect for people of deep religion to delve into.   I would recommend for a study group or Bible school because of the more focused material.  I think that if you love learning about Revelation and want to take time to get closer to the topics included in this book it would be a great read.

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