Sunday, July 28, 2019

Great hobbies to pass the time

With a huge world full of possibilities it should never be hard to find a great hobby.  However sometimes you might want a little inspiration.  Here are some great ideas for hobbies that may interest you.  If you already have a great hobby please let me know what it is in the comments section.

Baking-  If you have spare time and lots of extra cash for ingredients, this can be a huge time filler or great hobby because it offers relaxation and promises a treat when your done.  Plus you can take all the time you need to find great recipes which can lead to another great hobby. 

Reading- I love to read and find myself doing so several times a day especially with homeschooling and reading books out loud to the kids. I really enjoy being able take time to learn or just get lost on an adventure in the pages of a book.   I like this article from Hobby Jam.

Puzzles- Especially jigsaw puzzles which my family can enjoy spending time doing together because not all hobbies have to be done alone and getting the kids interested in other things besides the digital world can be a real treasure.

Jewelry making- You actually do not need a ton of money to do this, because depending on your budget you can design and make jewelry from almost anything.  It is a really good way to relax your or mind and expand your creative flow.   I enjoy looking at thrift stores and finding things around the house that can be made into jewelry.

Rock Collecting-  Another really fun hobby is collecting rocks because you can do so for free, and this opens up more ideas like taking a walk or spending time in a park, maybe even fishing or swimming and looking for other rocks in the water.  In some states you can even collect shells or other awesome things from nature like acorns, leaves, or perhaps you travel and can collect different types of sand.

Video or Board Games-  It is a little tricky with video games as they can become more than a hobby if your not careful, but if your responsible, this can be a great hobby.   Board games are another family favorite especially trivia.   When I was little we played Risk or Dungeon and Dragons.  I also like to bring more nostalgic games like candyland or parcheesi into the mix and teach the kids some of the classics.

Bicycling or Walking-  If your an outdoors type of fun goer then maybe taking a bike ride or a walk might make the best hobby.   Depending on where you live there could be really great places to take a break and unwind.  I know some local parks even rent out bikes if you need one for the day.

Family and Pets-  While most people are already spending time with pets or family you can do so much more together and create new hobbies. For example giving a little extra time to each pet, maybe a special grooming session or getting the whole family involved in the process.  It is also a great time to teach kids how to properly take care of pets and be responsible so you benefit a lot from the whole experience.

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