Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Antidote and Gray By Erica Stone Review .@ericastone

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GRAY: A Story of Loss
by Erica Stone

Driven by the negligent death of her adopted daughter at the hands of a West African exploitation ring, American mother Erica Stone finds herself an unlikely advocate for orphaned children in Sierra Leone. Her dedication is tested by the deeply ingrained corruption she encounters as she fights to have her daughter's life recognized while simultaneously trying to protect the lives of countless other children. Stone's memoir is raw, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Just like her journey from the depths of hell and back force her to become reborn, the reader will also be a different person by the time the last page is turned.

I received complimentary copies.

Cassandra's review- There is not just sadness and grief throughout this book, it does have a very powerful message to put out.  The heart of this woman and her love for the almost impossible moments can be read with raw emotion and understanding.  The book is powerful in more than just words and opens up a small look into what happens in a smaller piece of the world. 

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 Antidote, features her current singles, “Lies” and “Glass House.” The video for “Glass House” spotlights real stories from people who messaged her, willing to share their setbacks and insecurities in front of a camera. The collaborators on this project are those in her tight circle that worked with her nine years ago and stuck with her, when others strayed.

Cassandra's Review- Purpose power and strength all play out in the notes of this beautifully written CD.  Be ready to put this on and immerse in the moment. 

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