Monday, June 17, 2019

Saving Money this Summer Brice Capital

Saving Money this Summer Brice Capital 

When the weather's hot and the kids are bored, how do you save money in the summer?

1. Do you like outdoors? How about spending the day at a local park, some even have pools. You do not have to spend a lot of money and the kids can have a ton of fun. You can even bring treats and sporting equipment from home or pack up bikes and go on the trials. If you can not afford to drive to a park or have one close enough to walk to, consider making time to play outside in your own yard.

2. Inside fun like crafting and painting or even reading with the kids can be a real treat depending on their ages. You can break out an old board game. Anything even the smallest gesture like organizing the closest with the kids shows them that you care and want to be with them. It makes a lot of difference when you're doing things together.

3. Consider powering down and getting more in life time with the family. When everyone is powering up electronics and tv in every room or radios, video games etc. It can get really costly not to mention it keeps everyone distant, so you would be benefiting greatly from a good power down.

4. You can even make a little money if you host a family yard sale and including a lemonade stand. It shows the kids that summer is not just about playing around and teaches them the value of hard work. The best part is getting a jar and teaching them that you can save all the extra money for next years summer fun.

5. Going for a day at the library can be a real treat because some even host local events and craft shops. My local library hosts a book reading challenge depending on the kids age and at the end of the year they have a huge pizza party at the park, plus they hand out amazing prizes, the best part it is all free. All during the year there is always something free going on there. They also have a puzzle exchange where you can take or leave some and my kids happen to love doing jigsaw puzzles.

6. If you have to work perhaps consider packing a lunch instead of buying take out, because it will save money and even if you go out for the day to the store or with the kids somewhere, consider packing a lunch or dinner. When you teach the kids that fast food is costly and often bad for you as well, it is a win to save the extra money while still getting a good meal on the go.

No matter what you choose to do plan as much as possible and make lists so that you have everything you need to save money before leaving the house. During the year consider putting away a few dollars for the upcoming summer months and get ready to have a blast with the kids while staying on a budget.

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