Saturday, June 22, 2019

Have We Met? By Gillian Harris Review

This is a case of Soul Recognition and it is based on a true story!
In August 2018, the author added a post to her Facebook page: "A friend of mine died 1983-ish.
He was born again in 1991. I met him again in 2016! " Readers wanted to know several things:
1. HOW did she recognize this person?
2. How did the person react to this news?
3. How can others also recognize their reincarnated loved ones.

In these pages, Gillian covers all of those points and does so bravely. In order to be effective and share as authentically as possible, she steps into many vulnerable places.

Metaphysical consultant Gillian Harris, steps leaves no stone unturned as she reveals the full story of how it is she remembers this soul. She calls it an "Romantic Drama/Suspense Action Thriller "! She writes it as it unfolds over a five month period. Because she's a medium, much of what's being revealed is news to her, as well until it is shared from the Spirit World. Is it maybe just...wishful thinking that she's recongized this reincarnated loved one? She eventually gets several visits from and has long talks with someone from across the veil who claims to have inspired this entire adventure. Gillian has no way of knowing this person was deceased. In fact, had no reason to think about this person until they surprisingly presented themselves. It was verified that this person had crossed over and the motivation for her actions from the spirit world became vibrantly clear. and beyond logical. In fact this part becomes the bitter sweet tear jerker part of the story until... Until the unthinkable happens.

There is a strong, consistent undercurrent in the author's message: Be kind to your neighbor but with much deeper reasons as to WHY than ever before!

"You know what they say about 6 degrees of separation?! Well, when you add the multi-dimensional element, it's probably more like 2 degrees of separation! I'm reminded by this turn of events that the truth is, if we actually had access to all the reincarnation history of everyone around us presently, there would be a lot of deep and profound relationships like what I described ... we've all got deep history we don't remember with present day associates as well as with people we don't even notice this lifetime!!!!"

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A book of a different sort that had me thinking outside of my mindset.  It is a supposedly true story that will really get you thinking about the possibility of reincarnation.  And there is no way to check the validity  of the whole thing so it is just as real as any other faith based thoughts.  In the end I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel like more could be there.   

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