Tuesday, June 25, 2019

2019-20 Academic Planners You Have To SEE Time In Order To Manage It and Accessories

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From the Brand:

We are not “just” a planner company. We are a global, virtual company with over 50,000 members (mostly parents) who come to our website for products and programs, workshops, and webinars that help THEM help their students gain the skills they need to be successful in learning and in life. Although we skew towards those with ADHD and LD, we serve ALL ABLE LEARNERS with our products and programs.  How to teach my child good time management skills is a great thing.

Leslie Josel, founder of Order Out of Chaos, is a big deal in the in the time management and parenting world. She’s ranked #15 in the world as a time management expert. She travels the world speaking on topics facing parents and their students today. She is in the process of writing her third book, writes a weekly column called Dear Family Coach for ADDitude Magazine (the premier magazine for those with ADHD and LD), and she’s one of Family Circle Magazine parenting experts and write articles for them as well. All of this exposure helps to build the Order out of Chaos brand. Trust us when we say people trust Leslie.

We NEVER say we are in the planner business but instead we are in the student business. We are Products Designed with Students in Mind and that is what sets us apart. We are not just another planner company that puts a pretty cover on a planner and says this is for students. Every design element in our planners has been put to the test by students. Designed WITH STUDENTS, FOR STUDENTS.

We have a fabulous two-minute explainer video that shows Leslie and her son arguing over homework. It hits ALL the pain points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=-BktRZxNj7E

When people purchase a planner, they are NOT just buying a planner, but they also get access to a FREE Planner Productivity Workbook filled with worksheets like — planner pointers, project planning guides, homework helpers, etc. — that supports the student and their use of the planner.

“You Have to Be Able to SEE Time in Order to Learn How to Manage it.” And our planners do just that.

Our planners are not cluttered or busy. No filler or fluff. No word of the day. They do what they say they do. Plan time. Best academic planner for students.

PLANNER20 for 20% off our planners sold here: https://products.orderoochaos.com/  Please note that the PLANNER20 deal code is a one-time-only code good on any purchase of JUST planners.

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I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  A great tool for teachers  or anyone with a super busy life if you are willing to spend the extra money.  I see a basis academic planner with a pack of stickers and a ruler, but that is just my impression because to others it can be a real time saver.  In a world of digital time management apps, this is a hard copy that can easily be referenced.  

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